Boundary Bay Brewery Cedar Dust IPA named the best in Bellingham

Today, seven brewing companies operate eight breweries in Bellingham, Washington. Not too shabby for a city of its size. No doubt, Bellinghamsters know a thing or two about beer. Recently, Bellingham Tap Trail, which is sort of like the Beer Advocate of Bellingham, conducted an online survey to see which IPA was the local favorite. Boundary Bay Brewery’s Cedar Dust IPA took home top honors.

Here’s the press release from Boundary Bay about this victory.

Cedar Dust IPA voted Best IPA in Bellingham

Bellingham, Wash. – August 12, 2016 – Boundary Bay Brewery’s Cedar Dust IPA won the Bellingham Tap Trail’s recent online poll. To celebrate IPA Day on August 4, Bellingham Tap Trail asked users to vote for their favorite locally brewed IPA.

Brewed with four varieties of hops, all bred and grown in Washington state, Cedar Dust IPA has a distinctive herbal pine & citrus aroma. The addition of Mosaic® hops provide subtle undertones followed by a spicy, earthy mouthfeel. Smooth and naturally carbonated, it has a unique blend of malts (including a secret dark malt), which provide just enough backbone to balance its big hop character. Complex, delicious and refreshing! As they say, a bit of wood makes a big difference.

“We know Bellingham breweries make great IPAs,” Brewer Steve Ellison says. “We’re happy that our community is enjoying Cedar Dust so much. You keep drinking it, we’ll keep making it!”

Beer Stats: 16°P OG // 66 IBU // 6.5% ABV

The Bellingham Tap Trail is made up of a power team of Bellingham locals, hell bent on making sure Bellingham gets the credibility and awareness that its beer culture deserves. The Team consists of 4 governing partners and a small collection of volunteer content producers.

Boundary Bay Brewery is an independently owned and operated brewpub located in downtown Bellingham. Since 1995, they’ve been making handcrafted beer and fresh, local food for the Bellingham community. Boundary Bay Brewery houses a Taproom, family-friendly Bistro, outdoor dining with a patio and a beer garden.


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  1. Nice mention. Just a heads up- the long-awaited Gruff Brewing opened, unannounced, last weekend. It’s about 100 feet from Boundary Bay Brewing.

    Also, Menace Brewing, which sells their beers at The Local Public House, is apparently brewing in Bham’s Fountain District and will open a tasting room this Fall. The Local’s Annex contains Bellingham Beer Lab, a separate operation that will be the first nonprofit brewery in the state.

    Finally, Melvin Brewing is also coming to the Fountain District. No word on an opening day, but the number of breweries in Bham will be near a dozen soon, with Subdued Brewing and Illuminati Brewing still possibilities in the next year…

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