Boundary Bay Brewery marking the solstice by releasing six barrel-aged beers

Boundary Bay Brewery is staged to release this year’s Bootlegger Barrel Series beers on Wednesday, December 21st, the winter solstice. The series includes six beers, ranging from a bourbon barrel oatmeal stout to a cherry sour beer brewed with local heirloom cherries.

Next Wednesday they’ll host a party at the Boundary Bay Mountain Room, the event space right next door to the brewery and bistro. The fun gets started at 6:00 PM. Live music will be performed throughout the evening by The Elopements, a local music group. Boundary Bay Catering will be providing complimentary light appetizers. The event is free to attend.

The evening also marks an exclusive opportunity to purchase wax-dipped 22-ounce bottles of the Imperial Oatmeal Stout and corked 750-milliliter bottles of Bretta Whiskey Fever.

“We started the Bootlegger Barrel Series in 2014 hoping to impart exquisite flavors on already delicious handcrafted brews,” says Ed Bennett, the owner and founder of Boundary Bay. “So far, the journey exceeds our expectations, but has also allowed for intriguing experimentation.”

About the beer: The following beers will be available in 5oz., 10oz. pours and flights (flights of six two-ounce pours).

Bretta Saison with locally-grown Strawberries from Barbie’s Berries. Here the lullaby call from the wood? She summons your submission to these sultry strawberry dreams.

Biere Bruin, full of wildcrafted Bellingham heirloom tart cherries, wild yeast and souring bacteria Bears love sour cherries. We obliged this bearish beauty with a banquet of prized Prunus and many months in the wood.

Rum runner Bill McKoy and his schooner, Arethusa, worked hard to keep the country wet during Prohibition. This barrel-aged, soured stout is dedicated to all the “honest lawbreakers” that have made this great country what it is!

We invited Brettanomyces to party with our 2015 Cabin Fever in Dry Fly Whiskey Barrels. After eight months, things got funky fresh. Bretta Whiskey Fever’s touch of wood and whiskey get down with a mellow bitterness in this totally far out brew. Feel the funk!

IMPERIAL OATMEAL STOUT, aged in Chuckanut Bay Distillery Whiskey Barrels
Silver Medal, WA Beer Awards 2015 Caramel-honey aromatics support complex vanilla creme impressions. Balanced bitter roast flavors poke through with dark fruit and a touch of coee parlaying for your palate with whiskey’s heat. Slightly sweet, with a distinctly refreshing culmination.

IMPERIAL OATMEAL STOUT, aged in Chuckanut Bay Distillery Bourbon Barrels
Understated corn-mash aromas, furnished by CBD’s bourbon substrate. Moderate American oak tannins at the front of the palate, with subtle chocolate (fruity) and vanilla. This year’s vintage is mature and ready to drink now, or feel free to age at your preferred cellar temperature to your preference.


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