Boundary Bay IPA Advances at NIPAC

National IPA Championship Update – (Syracuse, NY) — Boundary Bay IPA cruised to an easy victory last weekend in the first round of the 2009 National IPA Championship (NIPAC) — an annual tournament organized by the Brewing News. Having brushed aside Lancaster Brewing Company’s Hop Hog IPA, Boundary Bay IPA is now the only Washington beer remaining in this year’s tournament. Pike IPA and Long Hammer IPA both suffered disappointing first round upsets.

The “Bellingham Behemoth” is now poised for a showdown with Racer 5 IPA from Bear Republic Brewing (Healdsburg, CA). The match between these two hoppy heavyweights will take place this weekend in Grand Rapids, MI. While the first round presented Boundary Bay with an unknown and outmatched opponent, Racer 5 will not be so easily dismissed. Bear Republic Brewing proudly points to the many gold, silver and bronze medals that Racer 5 has won over the years. In response, Boundary Bay’s Ed Bennett is quick to remind everyone that we are all connected by one great beer – Boundary Bay IPA.

Experts are calling this one a toss-up. For more details, visit the NIPAC Web site.