Bowling with Georgetown Brewing

Georgetown Brewing is sponsoring a bowling league and you can get involved. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to bowl on Monday nights (9:30) for ten weeks. As part of this league, your team will enjoy $3.50 pints of Manny’s Pale Ale on bowling night, plus each bowler will get a retro Georgetown Brewing bowling shirt and a Georgetown Brewing bowling bag. More details from Georgetown Brewing below.

The league is called Service Industry Night. The location is West Seattle Bowl (love those guys). If you and your team want to get involved you will need to act quickly. The league is forming now and bowling starts on February 4th. The league is for people in the service industry (bars and restaurants) but they will likely make an exception if your team is interested.  After all, you probably spend plenty of time in bars, right?

I should note that the message below features some inaccuracies. Georgetown Brewing erroneously asserts that humans began bowling during Egyptian times. In reality, bowling predates the Egyptians by thousands of years. Archaeological evidence suggests that the first bowling leagues were actually formed during a prehistoric age commonly referred to as the “Flintstone Era.”

Go to the West Seattle Bowl website for sign up information.

If a quick search on the innertubes is to be believed, bowling balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh from 5200 B.C.E. Seeing as how the Egyptians are also widely credited for inventing beer, it’s safe to say beer and bowling have gone hand in hand for over 7000 years. If you’ve ever longed to participate in this ancient pastime, and get some free limited edition swag at the same time, you are in luck. Starting Monday nights at 9:30pm on Feb 4th and running for 10 weeks is a league just for you at West Seattle Bowl. $18 per person per week includes 3 games each week plus shoe rental, $2.50 Manny’s pints while bowling, trophies and cash prizes at the end of the season PLUS each bowler will get a Georgetown Brewing Bowling bag and retro bowling shirt. Let’s Bowl!

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