A Brand New Brewpub In Woodinvillle. Kind of.

Last night we got our first look at the newly remodeled Forecaster’s Pub at the Redhook Ale Brewery in Woodinville. What a transformation! We have pictures below.

Let’s face it (Redhook did, after all), Forecaster’s was in desperate need of a major facelift. The metamorphosis was massive. You will not recognize the place. The entire vibe has changed: not only does it look different but it feels different. It is more sophisticated, more adult. It is still all-ages, but they even serve liquor now. And they’ve even offer some guest taps featuring beers from other local breweries.

After almost 20 years in service, the pub looked dated and maybe even a bit misplaced in its location. In the mid-90s, when Redhook moved east, Woodinville was vastly different than it is now. It was much smaller, offering fewer amenities and a lot less places to take the kids for French fries or pizza. Maybe back then it made sense to have a bright and cheery place that welcomed kids, not just legally but also atmospherically. In other words, the old pub had a very family-friendly vibe. The space felt more like a restaurant than a pub. That’s changed. The kiddos can still come along, but Forecaster’s feels more grownup. More like a brewpub.

Anyway, this is a visual thing. Look at the pictures. We understand that there is still some furniture on back order. The tables and chairs you see in the pictures will be replace with wood tables and chairs that better match the design. If you are looking for more reason to visit Forecasters and the Redhook Brewery, consider this: they have Big Ballard on tap.

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  1. One was Hilliard’s and the other was Triplehorn, though I’m not sure which beers from each. I was focusing on the Cross Czech Pilsner and the Big Ballard.

  2. They also have guest taps from other CBA breweries – for example the Widmer Hibiscus Gose and Citra Pale.

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