Bremerton’s LoveCraft Brewing under new ownership


Tasha and Jesse Wilson, the owners of LoveCraft Brewing in Bremerton, started to explore options for selling the brewery about a year ago, during the final year of the business’ lease. The hope was to find someone who wanted to carry on the LoveCraft brand.

“I think we got sort of the ideal outcome out of it, which is cool,” Tasha Wilson told the Kitsap Sun in a story reported last weekend. (Read that story.) LoveCraft Brewing was recently purchased by an investment group that includes at least one Kitsap native, Ed Fassio.

Fassio told the Kitsap Sun that he plans to keep the LoveCraft name, location and roster of flagship beers intact. The hope is to expand the brewery internally by increasing deck seating and potentially adding a second-floor mezzanine. He also hopes to increase distribution throughout Kitsap. The new owners also hope to expand the schedule of events and programming to include live music and open mic nights.

A Kitsap native and graduate of Olympic High School, Fassio told the Kitsap Sun that he and his investment partners began looking at buying a brewery after he’d spend several years living in Seattle and drinking beer in Seattle taprooms.

“Our production schedule will stay on task for now, we’re not going to be putting out thousands of barrels,” Fassio said in the report. “We will grow to demand.”

Read the report in the Kitsap Sun.