BREW Seattle – Tickets Now On Sale for Seattle-Focused Beer Fest

When conceptualizing a new beer festival, the first thing you must do is find your focus. For instance, Belgianfest focuses on Belgian-style beers, Cask Fest focuses on cask-conditioned beers, and so on. For BREW Seattle, the folks at Seattle magazine decided to focus on beers brewed in Seattle, recognizing that with nearly 50 breweries, the city offers more than enough breweries to support such a tightly focused beer fest. The event takes place on Friday, October 10th at the Fremont Foundry.

Yes, there is an entire world of great beers brewed outside of the city limits, and there are plenty of beer festivals where you can drink those beers, but this one is by Seattle and for Seattle. BREW Seattle celebrates the fact that we live in a city producing so much great beer and we don’t need to look very far to find the good stuff.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2nd Annual BREW Seattle beer fest.

  • Largest tasting event honoring Seattle-only breweries.
  • New venue. This year the event takes place at the Fremont Foundry.
  • Currently, 20 of Seattle’s breweries (and two cideries) have signed up. More breweries may be added.
  • Your ticket purchase includes a barbecue dinner provided by Pinky’s Kitchen.
  • Big Al Brewing defends its title as Brewery of the Year, as voted on by festival attendees.