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Brewery names a beer to honor Tim Tebow

I’m not sure how Tim Tebow feels about it, but a Colorado brewery is now pouring a beer to honor his name. The Bonfire Brewing Company of Eagle, Colorado recently announced the name of its new American Barleywine: Tebrew, the Sunday Sipper.

Even those who avoid watching NFL football likely recognize his name: Tim Tebow. This season the notoriously pious Denver Bronco quarterback became the topic of water-cooler conversations across America because of two things. First, he drops to a knee and prays intensely after every touchdown, a ritual that is only the tip of his devotion’s iceberg. Second, Tim Tebow led the Broncos to an unprecedented string of miraculous come-from-behind victories. Not just normal fourth quarter comebacks, but truly amazing last second victories. The combination of the two things captured America’s imagination and caused people to wonder if a higher power might be involved. It’s a good story anyway.

No doubt, Tim Tebow is religious by nature. Now I suppose we’ll find out if he is also litigious by nature. What’s more, the National Football League is immensely protective of its brand. For instance, I cannot mention the name of the big championship game that takes place at the end of each NFL season without fear of lightning striking me dead. It seems unlikely the NFL would let a small brewery in Colorado profit by using a graven image of one of its players. At least not without the proper tithing.

As for the beer, Tebrew the Sunday Sipper is a small-batch American Barleywine. Bonfire brewed just 150 gallons of the beer. I am guessing the name is a one-time thing.

Here is the story of the beer from the Bonfire Brewing website:

On October 6th, 2011, in anticipation of the January Vail Big Beers fest, our brewmaster created a strong batch of American Barleywine.  It fermented out as predicted and then embarked on two solid months of aging. On Sunday December 11th, we gathered ’round the tap room to sample the beer and watch the Broncos game. Solidly warm in our bellies after one or two, the name ideas began to flow. As the beers emptied, the minutes in the Bronco game waned, and a certain quarterback had launched another miraculous comeback. When the last three points registered on the scoreboard, our Ale Ambassador called out, with his arms spread wide….”TEBREW.” The Bonfire Barleywine had a name.

As we relished the simplicity of it, we thought about how beautifully the name resonated with all that Bonfire is about — community, camaraderie, beer, dogs, and goofy beer names. Demshitz.  PINK-I.  Stranger. And now TEBREW. A high-octane beer that gets better as you drink it down.  Occasionally bringing you to a knee in appreciation. It’s only appropriate that this big beer was made in a small batch, and will disappear as quickly as a crowd when the game is over. But the fire will always burn here and the community will always have an odd beer name and a warm bar to rally around. Football will always broadcast on Sundays, and beer will always go great with it.

TEBREW is about celebrating victory, drowning the sorrow of loss, raising a glass and rooting for the home team.  Join us in the only place TEBREW will ever pour — at our tap room in tiny Eagle, CO. Just make sure you bring a designated driver. Or a really smart dog.


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  1. I doubt Tebow could sue over this:
    1. I serously doubt he has trademarked/copyrighted the name “Tebrew” and you can’t sue for using ‘part’ of a name (“Teb” from “Tebow”).

    2. Is it truly Tebow’s image on the label – or just a ‘generic’ football player silhouette? I’d guess the latter. There is no number on the jersey.

    I think the idea is brilliant & wish the NFL would have a sense of humor & not try to sue (I doubt they’d win if they did).

  2. All the NFL need to do is threaten. Not likely they could afford to go to battle with the NFL. Not sure winning or legal standing would matter since it would probably never get to court.

  3. Mmm it’s closer than you might think Beer Monger, and it’s not so much about the NFL and trademarks as it is about Tebow himself, his agent, and what are called “Rights of Publicity”. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personality_rights Basically the idea is that you, me, everyone is has a sort of brand in our reputation and public image. Obviously, Tebow’s is more valuable than, say, mine. (Don’t know about yours though! 🙂 So he has a certain common law right to control how that brand is used, particularly if people are making money off of it. If he was a litigious sort he could argue that this gives the false implication that he himself has endorsed this beer, which I believe he has not, and they are thus appropriating his image. Of course he could (and probably should) just call them up, say “send me a few cases and we’ll call it square” and make the whole thing into a positive publicity stunt for everyone involved. Or he could, you know, sue. It’s a tort after all, the exact definition defined by state law. We recognize personality rights here in WA, don’t know about CO, but Tebow might officially reside somewhere else that does.

  4. Russell, for a brewer you sure do sound a lot like a lawyer. I suppose that if the brewery could somehow logically and honestly argue that they were not referring to Tim Tebow, might be a different story. But since they’ve come flat out and said that they are referring to him… You do that math. Let’s just hope Tebow is a good sport.

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