Brickyard Brewing Begins Bottling

Brickyard Brewing announced today that it recently began bottleing two of its beers. The brewery’s Masonry Oatmeal Stout and Brickyard IPA hit the shelves on June 1st. Look for the beer at bottleshops, independent retailers, and grocery stores, including Whole Foods and PCC.

Here it the press release from Brickyard Brewing:

Brickyard Brewing Announces Release of Two Of Its Beers In Bottle – Masonry Oatmeal Stout & Brickyard IPA

Woodinville, WA (May 28th, 2014)Brickyard Brewing is happy to announce that it is releasing two of it’s beers in 22oz bottle. Beat the heat and savor the fire side evenings this summer – Brickyard IPA and Masonry Oatmeal Stout have both been with the brewery and drawing in crowds since we opened.It’s only natural for us at the brewery to share our cheer with everyone.

Brickyard_bottlesBrickyard IPA has it’s foundations with 3 of the C hops which are citrus centric and have a great flavor and aroma – big bold Cascade, Columbus, and Chinook Hops will fill your glass.

Masonry Oatmeal Stout is like a friend all year round. Forget the fork, this stout is so smooth that it practically disappears off your palate after you’ve drank it. With an extra-long boil for richness, it is brewed with both flaked Oats and flaked Barley for a toasty, chocolaty smoothness that can’t be beat.

Release and Availability
Brickyard Brewing will release 22oz bottles starting on June 1st and they will be available across Washington State and possibly a little bit of Idaho. Check out your small bottle shops & independent retailers such PCC, Whole Foods, Yoke’s, and others.

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