Brouwer’s Cafe 12th anniversary party & a special sour beer release


On Saturday, March 25th one of Seattle’s most-iconic beer destinations celebrates its 12th Anniversary. Since opening its doors, Brouwer’s Cafe in Fremont has earned local and national accolades locally for being a truly¬†great beer bar. They’ll commemorate the anniversary by bringing some special treats out of the cellar and by releasing a very special anniversary beer.

Brouwer’s Cafe teamed up with Holy Mountain Brewing to create a black raspberry sour. The beer will be released on Saturday, March 25th at Brouwer’s Cafe and at the company’s sister bottleshop, Bottleworks. If you want a bottle of the beer, you’ll need to visit Bottleworks a couple miles away in Wallingford. If you want the draft version, they’ll have it for you at Brouwer’s. Bottleworks will have bottles but no draft, and Brouwer’s will have draft but no bottles.


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