Brouwer’s Cafe Ready to Celebrate 9 Years

Happy Birthday to Brouwer’s Cafe. It was nine years ago today that they opened their doors in Fremont. Today is the actual birthday, but the party takes place this Friday.

This Friday, March 28th, Brouwer’s Cafe celebrates its 9th anniversary beginning at 3:00 p.m. If you know anything about Brouwer’s, you will not be surprised to learn that they’ll be pulling some very special beers out of the cellar for the celebration (bottled and draft). Brouwer’s also brewed a special 9th anniversary beer with Elysian Brewing. The beer is named Hopped to the Nines and is described as an “all day everyday IPA.” It will be available at Brouwer’s Cafe, Burgundian, and Bottleworks.

Here is the list of special treats from the cellar that you’ll find at Brouwer’s Cafe this Friday.


Bottleworks VI – Farwest Roch 10 clone—750ml

Brouwer’s #7 Fremont Old Bridgerider — 22oz

8 Bottles of 1st addition HOD Matt—12oz

10- bottles of Russian River Deviation—750ml

Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Imagination #1—750ml

12 -Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Imagination #2—750ml

Lost Abbey Bottleworks XV—750ml

12- Bruery XII first batch –750ml



Firestone PNC #1 – Buckwheat Stout

Flyers Oak Aged #8 Laphroaig Chipped Scotch Ale

Matt (original BW 10 anniversary)

HUB Brouwer’s 6th anniversary Imperial Stout

Bottleworks XII.2

Lost Abbey Brouwer’s Blend

They will also be picking two more for a total of nine special beers including our 9th anniversary beer.

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