Burdick Brewery taproom now open 7 days a week in South Park

Anyone who was paying attention was surprised when Burdick Brewery halted operations last summer. They said the closure would last about six to eight months while they upgraded their system. In the end, that estimate was pretty darned accurate.

Very quietly, Burdick Brewery began brewing again recently. A few weeks ago we ran into Max Leinbach (owner) at a local pub, where he was delivering samples of his brewery’s new product. That’s when he told us that the brewery’s tasting room in South Park would soon be open seven days a week. In case you’ve forgotten, Burdick Brewery shares a wall with Lowercase Brewing.

Below is an “introduction” video. Below that, Burdick Brewery’s hours of operation.

Burdick Brewery from Nick Bolton on Vimeo.

Burdick Brewery
8103 8th ave. South
Seattle, WA 98108

Monday–Thursday: 1:30pm-6:30pm

Friday: 3-8pm

Saturday 1-6pm

Sunday 1-6pm

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