The Burgundian’s Imperial Strength B-day Bash this Saturday

Some beer joints are just so comfortable that they seem immediately familiar. Case in point, the Burgundian. I find it hard to believe that it has only been two years since the Burgundian opened its doors in Seattle’s Tangletown neighborhood. It seems like it has been around forever. Perhaps that’s because of its relationship with two of Seattle’s other venerable beer spots: Brouwer’s Cafe and Bottleworks, which have been part of the local beer scene for much longer. Whatever the case, this Saturday, January 18, the Burgundian celebrates its second anniversary.

Burgundian invites you to join them for festival of super-strength beers. Dubbed an Imperial Festival, they will have 22 big beers on tap for you along with some food specials. The doors open at 10:00 a.m. and the party goes all day and into the night. See the Burgundian Facebook page for details

Here’s the expected tap list for Saturday’s festivities.

Allagash PNC Broken Elevator Portland Maine (8.1%)
Brewdog Hardcore IPA Ellon, Aderdeenshire, Scotland (9.2%)
De Proof/HOTD Fred Flanders Lochristi, Belgium (7.5%)
Deschutes Abyss Imperial Stout Bend, OR (11%)
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Imperial IPA Copenhagen / Brooklyn, Denmark (13%)
Firestone Walker Double DBA Barleywine Paso Robles, CA (12%)
Firestone Walker PNC Buckwheat Imperial Stout Paso Robles, CA (13.6%)
Flyers Brouwer’s Café 8th Strong Scotch on Laphroaig Oak Harbor (10.9%)
Fort George Eleventh Sour Astoria, OR (7.7%)
Fremont Hazelnut Dark Star Nitro Seattle, WA (8%)
Green Flash 11th Anniversary Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPA San Diego, CA (7.3%)
Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws ’11 Portland, OR (11.5%)
Hillard’s Grand Inquisitor Sherry aged Doppelbock Seattle, WA (8%)
HUB Brouwer’s 6th Imperial Stout ’12 Portland, OR (10.5%)
Laughing Dog 8th Anniversary De Achtste Hond Ponderay, ID (7.2%)
New Belgium La Terroir Fort Collins, CO (7.5%)
Oskar Blues Ten Fidy Whiskey Barrel Longmont, CO (9.4%)
St. Bernardus Christmas Ale ’11 Watou, Belgium (10%)
Silver City Imperial Stout Bremerton, WA (9.2%)
Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Maple Stout w/coffee Chico, CA (12.9%)
Stone Bottleworks 13th Anniversary American Strong Ale (11%)
The Bruery Bottleworks 12th Imperial Sour Wit Placentia, CA (8%)

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