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By bike, by boat, by foot: a 21 kegs salute to Mother Earth

This really deserves some serious attention from the mainstream media. Sure, a local television news station stopped by and did a little spot on it, but this seems like something that Charles Osgood should be introducing on CBS Sunday Morning as I enjoy my coffee. I’m talking about the Latona Pub and the very cool way they are once again celebrating Earth Week (this week). North Seattle Sarah told you about this last week, but now things are in full swing.

All the kegs on tap at the Latona Pub this week have one thing in common: they were delivered to the pub by hand truck, by boat, by bike and by sheer brute force. No trucks or vans. No internal combustion engines of any kind. Not even public transit. That would be cheating. For more details, follow the Latona’s Facebook page, from which I lifted these photos (with permission). There are a lot more pictures on Facebook.

We were at the Latona Pub on Tuesday evening. As we sat there enjoying our pints of Small Carbon Footprint Ale, we saw two figures walking up NE 65th Street with a keg on a hand truck. That’s not something you see every day. Actually, for the past couple of weeks, it is something you see everyday around the Latona Pub. Elliott Ryan (Latona Pub manager) and another employee were finishing the trek from the Ram Brewery at Northgate—a relatively short haul compared to some of the others.

Yesterday, Black Raven Brewing in Redmond put a keg in a row boat and headed down the Sammamish Slough (river). When the boat reached the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville, they dropped anchor and passed the keg over to a bicyclist who carefully secured the keg in a trailer and continued the journey, following the Burke Gillman Trail into Seattle, eventually arriving at the Latona Pub. Redhook biked-in a keg from Woodinville as well. American Brewing did the same from Edmonds. Hand truck deliveries came from Georgetown Brewing, Naked City Brewing, Pike Brewing and many others. In all, 21 kegs will be delivered to the Latona Pub for Earth Week. Most are already there.

Let me tell you what is so very cool about all of this: the Latona Pub is making a point and you don’t need me to tell you what it is. If you to need me to explain it, you are entirely missing it.

Want in on the fun? Stop by the Latona Pub for a pint. Better yet, leave the car at home and get there by alternative means. Walk. Ride a bike. Metro route 26 will get you to the Latona Pub’s front door. Routes 48, 64, 73, and 76 will get you within a couple of blocks.

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  1. That’s great, taking it one step further. You wouldn’t expect less from one of the best pubs in Seattle!

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