Canning line is the newest piece in the growth puzzle at Sumerian Brewing


In the brewery business, growth is something of a puzzle; you must gather the pieces and assemble them in the right way. Thus far, things are coming together beautifully for Woodinville’s Sumerian Brewing Company. The brewery’s growth trajectory continues at a steady pace. Since opening in the spring of 2015, we have continually reported on things like the brewery increasing its production capacity, adding packaged product (cans) to its lineup, getting on board with a distributor, hiring new sales and brewery staff, and so on. All individual pieces of the brewery growth puzzle.

The company now has its own canning line, yet another piece in the growth puzzle. In the spring of 2017 the brewery introduced cans to its lineup but, like many other breweries, relied on an outside company to actually can the beer. Sumerian is the first brewery on the Eastside to install its own canning line.

While using an outside company to actually can the beer is a common and reasonable approach, having its own canning line affords Sumerian Brewing some advantages. For instance, the brewery can package the beer on its own schedule and as demands warrant. For consumers, it helps Sumerian deliver the freshest beer possible to its customers.