Cask Fest Line Up Taking Shape

cbf_logo1Are you ready for this year’s Cask Festival on March 28? If you are not already, this is a great time to become a member of WABL (Washington Beer Lovers). Read “What’s a WABL,” if you don’t already know. If you don’t know about Cask Fest,  read about Cask Fest here.

We just learned that the WABL Beer for the Cask Festival (which is only available to WABL members) is going to be the Cask Double Decade by Big Time Brewery. Special thank to Bill Jenkins from Big Time for his efforts. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday (his birthday is the day after the Cask Fest)! As always, you have to be a WABL member to try the WABL Beer so make sure your membership is current and bring your WABL passport.
The folks at the WA Brewers Guild are finishing up the beer lineup for the event and we hope to publish the list soon.