Cask-O-Rama Recap – day 1

What a great crowd at the Beveridge Place Pub last night. Everyone was there. Lots of familiar “beer fest” faces, if you know what I mean. Not only a lot of the Seattle area’s most recognizable beer amateurs, but it was also like industry night at the Bev. I suppose nobody loves cask beer more than the people who make it. We spotted Reed and Manny (Georgetown), Drew (Pike), Chris (Snipes Mountain), Janelle (Snoqualmie Falls), Marcus and Dick (Elysian), Ed (Boundary Bay), Doug (Elliott Bay), Matt/Marcus/Heather (Schooner Exact), Larry (Click Distributing), and the list goes on.


It is quite an impressive sight to see so many kegs lined up on the bar. 23 great beers, and 1 bad one. We will not tell you which of the beers we thought was bad. After all, beauty is in the hand of the beer holder.

Check out all the pictures and…

How many beer industry folks can you name in the photo below? Where’s Waldo? (sorry about the red eye)


The Bev’s own Beer Goddess – Jen – serving up the goods. The staff did an amazing job of managing a huge crowd and a whole lot of gravity driven beer pours.


Below, a couple of frickin’ firkins – the firkin on the left is Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA. I think Marcus told me it was triple hopped? Or was it quadruple hopped? Either way, it was a winner in our book. Schooner Exact was one of the IPAs that made the final three this year. Upon hearing that Boundary Bay had won again, Marcus (Schooner Exact) magnanimously said, “Losing to Boundary Bay IPA? As long as it’s a beer that good, I’m okay.”


Once again, Boundary Bay will be the house IPA at the Beveridge Place. Below, publican Gary Sink congratulates Boundary Bay’s Ed Bennett… which just goes to show you that we’re all connected by one great beer. When asked for a comment, Ed said, “YES WE CAN!”


The event officially started at 6:00. By 6:15, the line was out the door. Literally, out the door and into the rain.


Once again, the first night of Cask-O-Rama was a raging success. The party continues until all the casks are empty so you still have time to get down there and sample some truly amazing beers.

Cheers to Gary, Terri, Jennifer, Rob, Dennis, Devrim, April, and the entire staff at the Bev! And don’t forget Lorraine, for crying out loud!

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