Catsino at the Beveridge Place Pub this Sunday – your chance to meet Lucy the Washington Beer Dog


Sunday afternoon, April 2nd, at Beveridge Place Pub, Furry Faces Foundation hosts Catsino. It’s an annual casino-themed fundraiser to benefit local animal rescue and advocacy groups. It’s a fun, unique event for a very good cause. It’s also your chance to meet Lucy, the Washington Beer Blog’s beloved mascot.

Meet Lucy, the Washington Beer Dog.
Meet Lucy, the Washington Beer Dog.

Basically, you drink beer and play casino games. Instead of winning real money, your booty increases your chances of winning great prizes. It’s a raucous, beer-fueled hootenanny that makes everyone smile and helps a worthy cause. You don’t need to be a gaming expert because it’s all about fun.

For example, it’s a really good place to learn how to play craps without losing your shorts. The craps table is run by the crew from Georgetown Brewing, who always make it loud, rowdy and fun, the way craps should be. Plenty of other games and other breweries will be involved, if craps aint your thing.

Many of the gaming tables are run by local breweries. Once again this year, Kim and I will be operating a table on behalf of the Washington Beer Blog. Lucy’s Keg Roll is a game of chance, created in honor of our amazing rescue dog, Lucy. Give it a roll and maybe you’ll get as lucky as we did when we found her running scared and alone on a highway in the wilds of Montana. Lucy herself will be there. Scratching behind her ears is guaranteed to bring you luck.

IMG_2777-aCatsino is a unique twist on the typical raffle, silent auction thing. It always sees some pretty amazing prizes on the table, not just the usual beer swag you might expect at such an event. Many local businesses contribute prizes. You win chips at the tables that you exchange for tickets for the raffles — $25 and you’re in the door and playin’ the game. You do not “buy” raffle tickets. You win them at the tables. Then you take your tickets and use them to enter raffles for whichever prizes most interest you.

Event: Catsino
Date: April 2, 2017
Time: 2 pm – 6 pm

Location: Beveridge Place Pub, 6413 California Ave SW, Seattle

Tickets*: $25.00 (pre-sale and at door)

Get your tickets early as a sellout is possible. Stop by one of the following locations:

  • Beveridge Place Pub: 6413 California Ave SW, 932-9906 (Morgan Junction)
  • Hotwire Coffeehouse: 4410 California Ave SW, 935-1510 (Alaska Junction)
  • Pet Elements: 6511 California Ave SW, 206-932-0457 (Morgan Junction)

Or order them online through Paypal.

Want more information? Want to tell friends about this event?  Visit the Facebook event page.

*Ticket price only covers the costs and reasonable expenses. No profit is realized. It’s all for the animals.


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  1. Hi Kendall, Thank you for a great article and for being part of this event every year!

    Lucy’s is our favorite dog (don’t tell); she is such a cutie and love–so be sure to come meet her!

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