A cavalcade of IPA – local breweries present a series of events focused on Triple IPA

Details are still coming together. In fact, the project doesn’t even have an official name yet. We know this much: An upcoming series of events (mid-February through mid-March) will celebrate the glory of Triple IPA. Ten Seattle-area breweries will create beers and present them all at five separate events. The goal is to convince local beer lovers that buzz-worthy Triple IPA need not come from out of state.

A well-concocted Triple IPA is a powerful potion, a potent elixir that, dare I say, makes a person feel younger. It can cause perfectly sane human beings to act silly and irrational. Triple IPA can inspire near-riotous behavior and, at the very least, cause people to line up and draw straws in hopes of winning the opportunity to sip an eight-dollar half-pint. It doesn’t need to be that way. There is enough beer to go around.

“We love our hoppy brews in Washington,” says Adam Robbings of Reuben’s Brews, who conceptualized and organized the project. “Speaking with other brewers, we knew Washington breweries could do a great job with big IPA styles. But most of us hadn’t brewed a Triple IPA, so we’re excited by the challenge and excited to create brews that people will enjoy. I think this will really be fun and could become an annual event we can build on in the future.”

As the details are finalized, one thing is clear: our local breweries hope to inspire beer lovers to take a more civilized approach to Triple IPA. No hype, just hops. No fables or legends, just delicious, hoppy, potent beer. In the coming weeks, we will share more information about the events and the individual beers.

Below is a list of the breweries involved as well as the tentative dates and locations for the events.

The Breweries:

Airways Brewing

Bainbridge Brewing

Black Raven Brewing

Elysian Brewing

Georgetown Brewing

Naked City Brewing

Pike Brewing

Populuxe Brewing

Reuben’s Brews

Stoup Brewing

The expected dates and locations:

Monday, February 17 at Brouwer’s Café (Seattle)

Thursday, February 20 at Pike Pub and Brewery (Seattle)

Wednesday, February 26 at Special Brews (Lynnwood)

Wednesday, March 5  at Pint Defiance (Tacoma)

Thursday, March 13 at Naked City Brewery and Taphouse (Seattle)