Celebrate National Beer Day on April 7th


For some of us, every day is beer day, but officially April 7th is National Beer Day. There’s a simple reason why: it was on April 7, 1933 that beer became legal and the complete end of Prohibition was in sight. It would take a while for other alcoholic beverages to enjoy the same status. 

National Beer Day celebrates the passage of the Cullen-Harrison Act, the first step in the process of repealing the 18th Amendment. Reportedly, over 1.5 million barrels of beer were sold on April 7, 1933. Later that year the 21st Amendment was ratified, completely repealing the 18th Amendment.

We owe it to all of those people who suffered through Prohibition to celebration National Beer Day. Although teetotalers thought they were doing the right thing, Prohibition was a dark period in our nation’s history. 

Enjoy a beer or two, post about it on social media. Share the story, and a beer, with friends. 



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