A Celebration at the Beer Junction

It’s a big weekend in West Seattle for the Beer Junction (blog sponsor). Not only will it celebrate the one-year anniversary of the big move to the new location, but it will also meet customer number 100,000.

When the Beer Junction moved to the new location a year ago, Seattle had never seen anything quite like it. There were bottle shops, there were places that filled growlers, and there were beer bars, but the Beer Junction combined all three. And the Beer Junction did it very well. In West Seattle, the locals swarmed upon the new Beer Junction.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, the Beer Junction will tap a couple of rare kegs. First up, Stout lovers can sink their teeth into a 2011 Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout. Next, the Beer Junction will tap a keg of Fort George Roses on Roses Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA. Both kegs will be tapped on Saturday as tap space becomes available.

At 5:00 on Friday, as a pre-function for the big day, the Beer Junction will tap a keg of Ellie’s Brown Ale from Avery Brewing and run it through the Randall (Rocky the Randall), which will be loaded with cocoa nibs, CB’s fresh roasted peanuts, and vanilla beans.

Morgan Herzog, the impresario at the Beer Junction, figures that it will be sometime on Friday or Saturday that he meets his 100,000th customer. Be the person holding the receipt with transaction number 100,000 and you will receive a gift basket full of all sorts of Beer Junction goodies. Also, if you are one of the five customers before or after the 100K mark you will get a prize.

Since I’m talking about the Beer Junction, I should mention that tonight (Thursday) there will be a tasting event with Artisanal Imports from 5:00 – 8:00. For just $4, you can sample five beers. On tap, try Bockor’s Cuvee Des Jacobins Rouge (a beerblog favorite, it’s a wicked-good Flemish sour red ale) and La Trappe’s draft-only Witte. From bottles, try Urthel’s Hop-it, Sunner Kolsch, and Meantime’s London Porter.




  1. I love, love, love Beer Junction but to say there was no bottle shop/beer bar hybrids prior to a year ago is silly. Bottleworks in Wallingford, man.

  2. The Beer Junction is absolutely fantastic in all regards, and has really brought together the bottleshop+beer bar+growler station into a well-integrated, complete package. But I agree with Mark that it’s not fair to say the Beer Junction was the first to combine all three in Seattle, even if they’ve gone a long way to perfect. One can point to The Beer Authority, Bottleworks, and to a lesser extent The Last Drop that also offer all three of these functions.

  3. 100% agree that this revisionist version of history is bogus. Bottleworks added taps and growler fills in late 2010, and many would say that was only in response to the first shop in the area to do so, Malt & Vine in Redmond, 5 years ago…

  4. Revisionist history. Thems some big fancy words. Bottleworks is great. Malt and Vine is great. Beer Authority. Love them all. I think they are all quite different than Beer Junction. But that is just my opinion as expressed here on, you know, my blog.

  5. When I said, “Seattle had never seen anything quite like it,” I did not mean to asserted that there had never been a hybrid bottleshop/bar. I tried to be purposefully vague, but apparently I was not vague enough. Please forgive me.

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