Chainline Brewing Company Celebrates 2nd Anniversary


Chainline Brewing Company in Kirkland invites you to celebrate their 2nd anniversary this Saturday, April 22nd. New to the brewery for this event are serving spigots from the Czech Republic, installed specifically to perfect their Pilsner pours.


More details from the brewery:Chainline2ndAnn

It is a massive month for Kirkland’s Chainline Brewing Company as we celebrate our
second anniversary on April 22. In addition to the obligatory birthday cake with candles, we’ve concocted a number of unique and interesting beers to mark the day. Of course the specifics will only be known as we tap the keg, so attendance is mandatory. There will also be a single limited release, limited quantity beer that will only be available in Crowler as we christen our fancy new Crowler machine.

Additionally, we’ve committed even further to our Czech beer-brewing heritage with a hardware addition to the taproom. There are a number of methods (somewhere between eleven to thirteen to be exact) to create different styles of pour for a traditional Czech Pilsner. We have installed pouring spigots specially imported from Pilsen in the Czech Republic that will allow us to properly present these styles in our taproom. Our award-winning Polaris Pilsner and the newly released Brake Czech Polotmavé will be available in these three styles: Mlíko (milk), Hladinka (smooth), and Na Dvakrát (crisp).

Mlíko – This milk style is almost all foam and has a sweet, smooth taste with very low bitterness. This style is a bit of an oddity in the US but presents the beer in a unique flavor method.

Na Dvakrát is the traditional pour, with almost no foam at all and the carbonation trapped within the beer. This style present a higher bitter flavor on the palate but remains carbonated the longest.

Hladinka is considered the perfect Czech pour, with a nice head and not too much
carbonation within the beer.

Of course all of our standard offerings will also be available as we throw open our doors in celebration. Brewing staff will host brewery and equipment tours and will be available for any and all questions. Food trucks Das Brat and Bread & Circus will be onsite for your eating pleasure.


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