Chainline Brewing opens its new taproom in Kirkland


The project has taken months, but it happily came to fruition yesterday. Kirkland, Washington’s Chainline Brewing opened its brand new taproom on Wednesday, August 26th. Reports suggest they were very busy the first night. I was there this afternoon when things were a bit more mellow.


The taproom is part of the newly constructed Kirkland Urban Center, a mixed-use, commercial-residential development in downtown Kirkland. Note that this is not where the beer is produced; that happens at Chainline’s production facility a short distance away. Along with Chainine, other retailers at Kirkland Urban Center include Mud Bay, QFC, and Dough Zone (coming soon). The office properties are occupied by tech firms. More office space and more apartments are currently under construction to the south and east of Chainline’s location.


The taproom is on the second level of the plaza. As you drive into the plaza from 85th Street, you’ll see a wide stairway on your left. The taproom is at the top of the stairs. From the parking garage, take the elevator to the top level (2).



Expect to find a full selection of Chainline Brewing’s award-winning beers on tap, along with a food menu. The limited menu offers three pizzas, a pretzel (it’s really good), and a cheesy Brazilian treat. Under the current, new guidelines, that food menu allows them to offer indoor seating. The taproom features indoor and outdoor seating options. The entire family is welcome, including your pooch.


They aren’t taking reservations and seating is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. To discourage people from lining up, when they get busy a host will ask for your contact information when you check-in and they’ll contact you when seating is available. Chainline asks that visitors obey COVID safety measures, which they intend to take very seriously. They ask that you start your visit by stopping to check-in at the host station and read the guidelines posted there.


The taproom features Chainline Brewing’s full complement of beer styles, including the brewery’s award-winning flagship beers as well as limited edition and one-off experimental beers. They will pour their traditional Czech-style lagers from their side-pull Lukr tap, a traditional Czech draft system, the first of its kind in Washington. Also, they’re offering a selection of wine and cider from local producers.


Special beers on tap for the grand opening  include:

Urban Fluff – This slightly drier IPA showcases a mixture of fruity citrusy and tropical hops with slight dank undertones. A touch of flaked rye malt was added in the mash for a touch of enhanced fruit and spice. As we welcome ourselves to the new neighborhood, we welcome you to try this IPA in a new setting. Hops: Mosaic, Ekuanot, Columbus, Loral, Belma. ABV: 6.7%

Coffee Cerne, featuring Herkimer Yirgacheffe Single Origin Coffee Beans – We added some extra special flavor to our World Beer Cup award-winning Cerne Dark Lager. Our friends at Herkimer Coffee provided us with freshly roasted Yirgacheffe beans from the Kochere region of Ethiopia. The tasting notes of the coffee include peach and jasmine tea with a subtle hint of caramel pair extremely well with the bitter chocolate, cocoa, and tobacco of the Cerne. We used whole beans directly in the conditioning tanks to provide a massive aroma punch but with delicate and nuanced flavors on the palate. Hops: SAAZ. ABV: 5.4%

Hours and Location

Monday – Saturday: Noon ’til 9:00
Sunday – 1:00 ’til 8:00

Chainline Brewing Taproom
425 Urban Plaza
Kirkland, WA 98033



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