Chainline Brewing releasing a Czech-style polotmavé


At last year’s Great American Beer Festival, the biggest beer competition in North America, Kirkland’s Chainline Brewing Company won a silver medal in the Bohemian-Style Pilsner category. That was an impressive feat, for sure. Now, the brewery has announced that it has released (in extremely limited quantities) a traditional Czech-style polotmavé. The beer is available at the Chainline taproom now and should make it out to a few select accounts in the coming days.

What the heck is a polotmavé, you may ask? It’s basically just a dark European-style lager. The term polotmavé actually translates to semi-dark. The style typically is low in alcohol and quaffable.

Chainline brews its beers on a Czech-style brewing system, which they imported from Japan. That is, it is a Czech-designed and Czech-built system that previously lived in Japan, which is where Chainline Brewing found it being used primarily as decoration. That’s really kind of sad, considering it is a beautiful system. Chainline rescued it from its ornamental existence in the orient.

So who better to brew a traditional Czech-style polotmavé? Here is the announcement from Chainline with more information about the beer and its availability:

Hot on the heels of its award winning Polaris Pilsner, Chainline Brewing in Kirkland, WA announces a super limited release named Brake Czech. Technically labeled as a polotmavé, Brake Czech is brewed utilizing traditional Czech methods, on a traditional Czech brew house, and with traditional Czech hops and barley. This single batch of Pils was initially brewed in January and allowed to lager for the three months required by the style.

Polotmavé literally translates to “semi dark”. This unique beer is quite special on the palate with hints of dark chocolate and plum following an initial charred bread note. The noble Czech Saaz hop varietal provides just enough spice and zing for proper balance and a crisp finish. Aesthetically, the amber “semi dark” appearance is provided by roasted Czech barley. The aforementioned lengthy lagering process allows for incredible clarity in the glass and a proper foam capped head.

At 4.9% ABV and with a Plato gravity of 12°, the new Chainline Brake Czech is drinkable and flavorful and a great match with food. Brake Czech will be on tap in limited locations around the Seattle area and in the Chainline Brewing Taproom in Kirkland.


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