Chef John Howie bringing beer and food to Century Link Field

Whenever I publish a story about the outstanding selection of local beer and food at Safeco Field, I hear comments about the woeful lack of similar local fare at CenturyLink Field, which is right next door. Seahawks and Sounders fans suffer a comparatively pedestrian dining and drinking experience while Mariner’s fans enjoy an embarrassment of riches, but now Chef John Howie and his head brewer Drew Cluley (pictured above) are  bringing good beer and food to the CLINK.

Chef John Howie, one of the city’s rock star chefs, recently announced the opening of four new restaurant stands at CenturyLink Field that will serve Northwest-inspired, handcrafted food made with sustainable meat and seafood and fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Along with that, Chef Howie’s locations at CenturyLink Field will pour beers crafted by Drew Cluley at Beardslee Public House, the chef’s brewpub in Bothell.

Chef Howie’s locations will open for all Seahawks and Sounders FC home games, as well as all stadium events at CenturyLink Field. The four restaurant stands includes two Beardslee Public House stands on the north Club Level and two Seastar Restaurant stands on the south Club Level.

On tap at the Seastar stands:

  • Beaver Bait Blond: An easy drinking ale intended for those who enjoy lagers. In the logging world, ‘Beaver Bait’ means loose logs and debris.
  • Greenleaf IPA: This IPA delivers a mellow bitterness with strong hop aroma and flavor. Columbus S. Greenleaf was one of the first settlers of Bothell, Washington.

On tap at the Beardslee stands:

  • Knuckle Boom ESB: This session ale is malty and spicy, with a hint of rye. ‘Knuckle Boom’ is a hydraulically operated truck whose mechanical action imitates the human arm.
  • Greenleaf IPA: As described above.

Chef Howie created more than 15 new CenturyLink items available at the new restaurants, as well as several healthier and flavorful choices (that are also vegan and gluten free) at the popular “Grab & Go” concession areas around CenturyLink Field. No doubt, the food is excellent, but what you really care about is the beer.


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  1. Gee, his restaurants have the same casual attire code as the CLINK so it makes sense to have his food there. Nothing like spending $300 at his steak house while looking at some kid with a flat billed cap and tee shirt on. #overrated

    1. Unsure as to the part that the ” flat billed cap ” played into the quality of chef Howie’s meal (unless you ate it). Usually I rate a meal based on its content, not the attire of the other diners. Maybe I’ll cook in a tuxedo this weekend to see if anyone notices a change in the flavor of the meal. Kudos to chef Howie on bringing more tasty and healthy meals to the park. #maybeyourtieistootight

      1. Well by your lack of standards he should just have a food truck rather than pay to be in the Bravern correct? Aren’t you supposed to have an experience when ‘fine dinning’? So when there is no dress code you wouldn’t mind a construction worker with soiled attire and a hard hat sitting next to you while chewing your $70 filet mignon and your significant other sipping a $200 bottle of wine? It does take away from the mood etc,

        1. This is a complaint/argument we’ve been hearing around here for ages. That we are not fancy. People don’t ever dress up, not even for the opera. Seriously, in Seattle you can go to the ballet in jeans and a T-shirt and nobody bats an eyelash. As far as I know, Canlis is the only place that has a dress code (marginally enforced). I don’t hear this as being a complaint about this one particular restaurant so much as I hear it being an age-old complaint about Seattle in general.

          You kids get off my lawn! What with your baggy jeans and your baseball hats!

          And why are we talking about clothes on a beer blog. Stay focused.

  2. Just to set the record straight – we are featuring the Blonde Ale from our friends at Diamond Knot at the Seastar locations thru this Thursday’s Seahawks game as the Guns and Roses fans on 8/12 nearly drank all of the Beaver Bait Blonde we had supplied. Our next batch of Blonde will be ready for the home opener on 9/11.
    Drew Cluley
    Head Brewer
    Beardslee Public House

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