Chef Michael Symon Pairs with Pyramid to Create Delicious Recipes

Food and beer pairing is trending right now in the culinary world. There is no better proof than the pairing of celebrity chef Michael Symon with Pyramid Breweries. Symon is best recognized for his regular appearances on television’s Food Network. He is a James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef, restauranteur and author. He is also a reigning Iron Chef on Iron Chef America. Symon is an undisputed heavyweight on the America culinary scene.

Using three different Pyramid beers, Symon devised recipes that make use of, and pair with, three of the brewery’s most popular beers. We share the recipes and the videos below. For more details, visit the official Pyramid Symon Says website.

Symon Says

“With food and beer pairings, ingredients are key,” says Symon. “When I first sat down with the Pyramid brewing team, we examined the ingredients in its Hefeweizen, Outburst Imperial IPA and Apricot Ale brews and discussed how that translates to food. For example, an unfiltered wheat ale like Pyramid Hefeweizen brings out the flavors of the meat in a great burger. When we created the recipes, ingredients were top of mind,”

The program, dubbed “Symon Says,” celebrates great food and beer pairings around social occasions. The chef worked closely with a cicerone for Pyramid Breweries to create recipes complementing three of Pyramid’s signature beers: Outburst IPA, Apricot Ale and Pyramid Hefeweizen.

“One of the things that makes Michael Symon perfect for Pyramid is his appreciation for real, authentic flavors and bringing people together,” said Kim Brusco, Head Brewer of Pyramid Breweries, Seattle. “Pyramid beer is much the same. Bringing our beers to life through Symon’s creativity is just another way we can pair the universal love of food with the universal love of authentic, craft beer.”

The Recipes

  • Outburst Bratwurst with Bacon & Onion Chutney featuring Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA. Beer, bacon and brats… not much more is needed for a savory, flavorful experience. Perfect for entertaining friends, the Outburst Bratwurst will quickly become a favorite that will have guests begging for more time and again.

Symon says: “Try cooking your brats 75 percent of the way through, and finish them off in a beer bath of warmed Pyramid Outburst Imperial IPA. The brats continue cooking, while absorbing the incredible taste of the beer. Remember, beer is delicious to drink, but it’s also great to cook with. The key: when cooking with beer, use something you like to drink!”

  • Apricot Ale Pork Tacos are infused with Pyramid Apricot Ale. This tenderized, slow-cooked pork with Pyramid’s Gold Medal Award Winning Apricot Ale is the definition of a true crowd pleaser. The secret behind this dish? The pork is braised in Pyramid Apricot Ale. Just remember, when braising, keep your meat 75 percent covered; do not fully submerge it in the liquid.

Symon says: “Nothing goes better with pork than stone fruit flavors – and apricot is tops. Remember to crack open another Pyramid Apricot Ale as you devour these tacos!”

  • The Lola Burger features Pyramid Hefeweizen. Symon’s definition of a perfect summer afternoon includes firing up the grill with his buddies for this tasty burger, paired with a refreshing Pyramid Hefeweizen. Follow the simple steps, add fresh lemons to a cold Pyramid Hefeweizen, and sit back and enjoy with friends!

Symon says: “To make a great burger extra delicious, you need 20-25 percent fat. Try a combination of sirloin, short rib and brisket, and grind coarsely. Don’t pack your burger too tight. Tip: put a thumbprint in the middle of the meat patty, creating a dimple. This helps to prevent the burger from shrinking during cooking.”