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Chefin’ with the Brewmaster, a beer and food pairing experience


The Washington Beer Blog is teaming up with Tom Douglas Restaurants to present a series of fun, informative cooking classes focused around the art of beer and food pairing. We’ve titled the series Hop Stove Society – Chefin’ with the Brewmaster. The classes take place at Tom Douglas’ Hot Stove Society, the chef’s cooking school and event space in downtown Seattle.

The first class in the series focuses on new world IPAs and features chef Brian Walczyk of Brave Horse Tavern along with owner/brewmaster Steve Luke of Cloudburst Brewing. The event takes place on Saturday, April 22nd. Ticket for the first class in the series are on sale now. The classes are designed to be fun and informative.


Food and beer pairing isn’t only about eating and drinking. Before you can dig into a dish or tip back a cold one, someone has to cook the food and brew the beer. For each class in this Hop Stove Society series, Chef Brian Walczyk of Brave Horse Tavern is joined by me, Kendall Jones, along with a brewmaster from a local brewery. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of, and hence a greater appreciation of, both the beer and the food.

In each class we will focus on a particular style of beer. The brewmaster will talk about the brewing process for that beer style, its flavor characteristics, and the ingredients that make it unique. We’ll also discuss its place in beer history and its place in the modern world. Because we are talking about beer, the discussions will be interesting and fun.

For April’s Hop Stove experience, we welcome Steve Luke of Cloudburst Brewing bringing IPA’s. Not just his own IPA, but others that we feel represent the style well.

Historically, chefs considered IPA a very challenging style of beer to pair with food, but that’s changed. In this class, we will explore the reasons why.

Chef Brian Walczyk will demonstrate how to prepare three different dishes to pair with three different IPAs. Since he’s the one handling the knives, you get to relax and enjoy the beer and the food. We will have multiple examples of the beer style for you to sample, including the three specific beers for which the chef’s dishes were designed.

The cost of the class is $90 and tickets are on sale now. I know beer people tend to be thrifty, and the price may seem a bit rich for some people’s blood, but this is more than a chance to tip back a few beers; this is a serious cooking demonstration with a real chef and participants will walk away knowing something. The price is inline with other classes of this type.

  • You’ll gain a basic understanding of how beer is brewed. Also, you’ll learn about the ingredients and processes that make a particular style unique.
  • Simple and quick history of the beer style and how it fits into our modern world.
  • The basic flavor characteristics associated with the style of beer and guidelines for how to pair it with food.
  • Brian Walczyk will demo three different dishes that pair perfectly with the beer selections


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  1. If this class was a real hands on cooking then yes I would have no problem with price. But just to sit and watch no thanks. Consider in future real hands on classes so then you can do it at home.

  2. Bob, sorry it’s not to your taste. The folks who run Hot Stove Society know what works and they say that these kinds of classes are very popular. They do classes like this all the time with wine, cocktails, etc. Now they’re doing it with beer. If it turns out that a lot of people want hands-on, we will probably do that.

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