Chuckanut Brewery single hop lager in bottles

Chuckanut Brewery bottles its Single Hop Lager for the first time


Chuckanut Brewery’s Single Hop lager series of beers are built to showcase a single hop variety. For the first time, one of the beers is making it into bottles. Interestingly, this version of Single Hop Lager features a single hop product that is actually a blend of three hops: Trident Specialized Hop Blend. It is produced by Hopsteiner, a leading supplier of hops and hop products.

Trident is a single hop product created using three different hops varieties. If you understand how hops are processed after harvest, this makes better sense. If not, all you need to know is that Chuckanut does not add three different hops to the brew. They add one and it is called Trident.

Here’s the release info from the Chuckanut Brewery.

Chuckanut Brewery Single Hop Lager In Bottles

Chuckanut Brewery’s sixth rendition of the Single Hop Lager is now available in bottles for the first time. This rendition of Single Hop uses Trident hops, a blend of 3 Pacific NW new hop varietals. The Trident special blend creates a hop-forward punch of citrus, tropical and passion fruit hop flavor characteristics and aromas. Trident imparts a unique and potent profile to our Single Hop Lager in a very bold way! It will be available in bottles around the Northwest including Oregon and Washington. The Single Hop Lager Trident will also be on tap at both Chuckanut locations and in selected accounts in the area.

Chuckanut Brewery is constantly trying to learn more about beer ingredients. Single Hop Lager is an opportunity to master more knowledge about noble hop varietals that are used and experimented with in the US and other parts of the world. By using a simple malt bill & clean lager yeast it allows the hops to shine through. The excitement of getting to know these hops and learning more about how they affect beer is a great opportunity for both Chuckanut brewers and Chuckanut beer drinkers. Chuckanut believes it’s all part of learning more about hops and enjoying the beer in the process too, cheers!