Chuckanut – New Beers and Where to Get 'em

Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen has a couple new beers on tap and a couple new places where it’s pouring. Here’s a list of what they currently have available and where to look for Chuckanut’s brews around the Seattle area. ( Beers in production will be released over the next couple weeks. )

Export Stout – Fills the mouth with waves of coffee, caramel, and chocolate flavors, supported by a full-bodied malt center. Leaves a clean and very smooth finish with a subtle lingering of hop bitterness.

Rauch Bier– Light to dark brown, with quietly intense smokiness backed by malt in the nose. In Rauch Bier, rich malty smoke dominates the palate, with an undertone of fruity notes, and the beer finishes nice and dry. Assertive, unique, and fascinating, but surprisingly delicious!

Vienna Lager– brewed with half Vienna malts creating a delicate malt aroma with a slightly caramelized and toasted malt character. Light Bronze in color with a slight bitterness, finishes clean and crisp!

Kolsch – Very pale in color, and the aromatics are a light mélange of hops, malt, and fruit. Maintains a bitterness that is quite restrained, although the palate is light-bodied and bone-dry, with a soft malt flavor in the center giving way to a drying, slightly acidic finish.

Dortmunder– Slightly darker than Pilsner, a burnished honey gold, edging toward amber. It steers away from the bold hop bitterness and aroma of Pilsner, preferring a firm maltiness, a full-bodied, slightly sweet palate; and a clean, dry finish.

Amber Ale– Light carmel flavors, balanced hop accents, deliciously smooth. Cold conditioned and filtered to help bring out the smooth malt flavors.

Beers in Production:
Golden Ale, Strong Ale, Marzen, Pilsner, Strong Ale , and Pale Ale

If a trip to Bellingham isn’t in the near future, here’s where to look for Chuckanut beers in the Seattle area:


Naked City Taphouse

Alligator Soul (Everett)

Beveridge Place Pub

The Barking Dog Ale House