Chuck’s Hop Shop plans to celebrate 5th annivesary

Chuck’s Hop Shop is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary. Information about the event in Greenwood (April 4th and 5th) is below.

It used to be a faceless little deli-mart on a random corner in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Nothing remarkable. Hardly even noticeable. And then Chuck Shin had a vision of a neighborhood beer shop at the corner of 85th and 8th. What he imagined was a bit different: not a bottleshop and not a beer bar, but both.  Chuck’s Hop Shop was born. That was five years ago.

I don’t think Chuck fully realized how wildly the community would embrace the Hop Shop. It’s pretty much packed all the time. When the weather is anything short of lousy, the seats out front are highly coveted.  Food trucks clamor for the opportunity to park alongside. Always an outstanding beer selection. A place to fill a growler and move along, or a place to hang out with your friends and neighbors.

In January of 2014 Chuck Shin opened his second location, Chuck’s Central District, across town near the corner of Union Street and 20th. Again, the neighborhood went bonkers.

The Anniversary Celebration April 4th and 5th

“We wouldn’t be here without you: our loyal customers,” says the Hop Shop’s Facebook page. “To celebrate Chuck’s Hop Shop being around for five years, we’re getting the band back together! And by “band” we mean “customer favorites”. It’s going to be a total tap blowout, with every one of our taps dedicated to you, our customers, our supporters, and our friends! So come one and come all, to raise a glass with Chuck to an amazing five years!”


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