Cider Dinner at the Brave Horse

I don’t know too many people who like good beer but do not appreciate good cider. Beer and cider are kindred spirits. While beer and food pairing is all the rage these days, cider is not to be left out. Today we report on an upcoming event at the Brave Horse Tavern featuring some top notch ciders paired with the culinary creations of Chef Bryan Walczyk.

What pairs well with cider? How about Dungeness crab, pork cheek, and Idaho trout? Having attended multiple beer dinners at the Brave Horse Tavern, I can attest to Chef Bryan’s skills when it comes to pairing beer and food. I have no reason to doubt his cider pairings will be equally spectacular.

Here are the details:

Cider Dinner at Brave Horse Tavern

Date: Wednesday November 16th

Time: 6:30pm

Cost: $50.00 plus 18% gratuity and tax

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Celebrate ciders at the Brave Horse Tavern’s Cider Dinner.

Chef Brian Walczyk designs a four course dinner paired with spectacular ciders:

First Course: Crab Apple!

Dungeness Crab, Apple Jelly, Horseradish, Verjus, Fizzy Grapes

with Tieton Cider

Second Course: Pork and Beans!

Hazelnut “Baked Beans”, Cider Braised Pork Cheek, Farmhouse Cheddar

with Dupone Cider Bouche

Third Course: Fish n’ Chips!

Pan roasted Idaho Trout, Brussels Sprout Leaves, Smoked Trout,

Apple Flavored Potato Chips

with Finn River Cider

Dessert Course: Sticky Toffee Date Cake

Rum Sauce, Buttermilk Ice Cream

with Pear Cider