Classic Rock at Trade Route Brewing with Four on the Floor

This blog is very good for self-promotion. Why not? It’s my blog, right? That said, my band is playing tomorrow night (Saturday, April 7th) at Trade Route Brewing in Pacific, WA. It’s not Auburn, but it’s not Puyallup either. It’s somewhere in between. We will rock promptly at 8:00. When I’m not doing the beer thing, I can often be found doing the rock and roll thing. My role in the band is 1st Chair Rock Vocals and 2nd Chair Rock Guitar. Many of you saw my band, Four on the Floor, last year at the big Black Raven Brewing anniversary party.

This will be the third time we’ve played Trade Route. Four on the Floor plays classic rock covers. Not that wimpy Wedding Singer kind of classic rock, but the serious stuff from acts like ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Joe Walsh, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy and more. What’s more, we have a really cool logo.

There will be no cover charge and they will have plenty of beer. 8:00 pm SHARP.

Trade Route Tap Room
1091 Valentine Ave SE
Pacific, WA 98047