Beer Release – Cloudburst Brewing, Tone It Down, a really exciting pale ale


Cloudburst Brewing just introduced a new pale ale, which is not usually something they would bother to publicize too much. Times being what they are, this is pretty exciting news. Anything that is not related to, you know, that other thing, is exciting news. Get it at the brewery, packaged to go, of course.

It’s pretty much the same deal here on the blog. News. Any kind of other news! Please!

Here’s the announcement Cloudburst made on Instagram yesterday.

Hi! We have a new Pale Ale out this week! We know, normally you wouldn’t care so much about a plain old pale ale…because pales. BUT IT’S SOMETHING NEW! FOR YOU!

Tone It Down is an American Pale Ale brewed with Simcoe, Idaho 7, & Citra hops. Often times, we use pale ales to explore new hop varieties or hop combinations or unfamiliar flavor profiles. This is not one of those times. This time, we used a hop combination we’d typically deploy in an IPA recipe, but then we just…toned it down. Kinda like life right now.

We use to be all up here (hand gesture about neck high), enjoying life outside, going to shows, dining out…but now we’re down here (hand at our knee caps) chilling inside, taking neighborhood walks, baking all the things, ordering take out. We know this won’t go on forever…IT CANT, RIGHT?! RIGHT!?! PLEASE GOD WE ARE BORED AS FUCK. OK, ok. Tone It Down. Crush a Pale. We got this.


  1. Sounds tasty 🙌 I was having some trouble tracking down Cloudburst hours. I thinks it’s 9-6 everyday open to go at the brewery. Is that right?

  2. By far my fav brewery in NW. The brew is exceptional and the crew is hysterical. Thrilled they’re still producing and keeping good spirits🏆

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