Coffee Beer Fest at Beer Junction this weekend


The 5th Annual Coffee Beer Fest at The Beer Junction kicks off on Friday, November 29th — Black Friday. It runs through the weekend. They’ll devote at least 20 taps to coffee-infused beers and other forms of coffee-beer hybrids.

The lineup will include the likes of…

  • Fremont – Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star with Coffee (2018)
  • Founders – Kentucky Breakfast Stout (2018)
  • Nectar Ales – Black Xantus (2014)
  • Baerlic Brewing – Grayscale Coffee Vienna Lager (2019)
  • Burial – The Cursed Path To Nowhere Imperial Stout (2019)
  • Holy Mountain – Shadowlifter
  • Future Primitive – Sunshine on my Porter

And many, many more. See the image below. Keep an eye on The Beer Junction Facebook page.