Coming Soon – More Beer on Tap at The Collective On Tap

Sometimes a community does not realize how badly it needs a new beer bar until one actually opens. The Collective On Tap (blog sponsor) opened a few months ago in Woodinville (read our report). No one expected it to be so popular so fast. This new beer destination opened its doors in December with 20 craft beers on tap and has not looked back. In fact, they are already expanding.

Kat Stremlau, one of the owners at The Collective On Tap, tells us that they are adding another 24 taps. Yep, they are already doubling down. The new taps will be added within a matter of weeks.

She recently told me that they go through beer too quickly, spend too much time switching out kegs, and want to be able to offer a more robust selection of beer. Kat says, “With the addition of the 24 new taps we can offer a dozen new styles of always on brews and also host the six-pack of local brewers [Woodinville’s six breweries] and let them have some input on what beers we feature. Also… a dedicated sour line, which makes me very, very happy!”

Looking for an excuse to pay a visit to Woodinville (aka Beer Boomtown)? Tomorrow night (Friday, April 5) The Collective On Tap welcomes Old School House Brewing for a brewers night celebration. The beers go on tap at 3:00 and Casey Ruud, the brewery’s owner, will be there at about 5:00 with something special.

This event is just one in the ongoing series of brewers nights events at The Collective On Tap. Usually, these events take place on Monday nights, but they made an exception for Old School House. (Casey and his beers are certainly worth it.)

Keep an eye on The Collective On Tap Facebook page to stay informed about upcoming events.

Below: Jan Newton & Kat Stremlau, the two minds behind The Collective On Tap, with Skip Madsen of American Brewing.

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  1. while I appreciate therm being a stand out new location for WA beer they definitely have some fast growing pains going on. the decor and vibe is great. What I don’t appreciate is a 7 dollar pint of standard WA IPA. I hope and wish them all success possible but wish they would cater a little more to standard/average beer pricing. beer shouldn’t be elitist. mind you this is just my personal opinion. time will tell.

  2. I agree with Justin. You can find cheaper prices that serve just about the same stuff. Most of all, hopefully they can at least hire staff that knows something about beer and can serve you in a timely manner.

  3. Thanks for your feedback guys – and I can safely report that beer pricing will be more in line with industry standards once we get the extra lines in. We’ve been going for less than 4 months and we opened with an average beer price of $6 just to keep our heads on straight. Even now, we have beers in the $4-5 range and typically only hit $7 when the keg prices warrant.

    As for Taz, yep, she is no longer with us. I’ve heard a dozen different versions of the story (I was out at the time of the “big event” but heard about it from various people sitting 3 feet from it.) I will not air employee details, but I will say that she was never fired. She asked to return when I got home from my trip but she walked away from her career here at Collective..and the door is still open for her return.


    No one was more sad to see her go than me.

  4. Thrilled to hear you’re doubling the number of taps! I’ve only been out to Collective on Tap once (and I had no idea you were so new, since I’m new to the area myself), but I was really impressed with the selection. Doubling the number and having some great always-on brews is an excellent step into the major leagues.

    I agree about the prices, but it sounds like you’re already taking corrective measures there. A pint that is more than $6 ought to be pretty rare and special (and of course, I say “pint”, thought such ales are normally only an 11 oz pour, sometimes less).

    I hope you guys are going to keep the website up to date with the *complete* on-tap list. The webcam pointed at the board is awesome, but if there are 24 more beers available and we don’t know what they are, then those of us who live in Seattle or Bellevue or whatever might not always take a chance on coming out. On the other hand, you keep us up-to-the-minute and we see something that makes us thirsty, and we’ll be right over! Take a page from Malt and Vine’s book and keep a complete and always-accurate tap list on your website. 🙂

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