Constellation IPA – 12 brewers, 1 great beer

In a show of unity common in the Washington beer industry, 12 of the area’s best brewers recently sat down at the Latona Pub and designed a beer: Constellation IPA. I had the opportunity to taste the beer last night and it is delicious. As far as we know, Constellation IPA is only available at the Latona Pub, Fiddler’s Inn, and the Hopvine Pub (Bob Brenlin’s 3 Pubs). If they plan to distribute the beer beyond that, we will let you know. Likely, someone will comment here and share that information.

In addition to making the beer, they also made a video. Here’s the story behind the beer.



  1. Sorry Kendall, I have to correct this post. We didn’t make a video; the very talented team from Free Road Films made a video. They distilled several hours of taping into an excellent primer on the passion/lure/fun of brewing. I’m impressed by their talent in creating a video which captured the essence of brewing, and I thank them for doing this. Many thanks also to Bob and his crew for devising this project (especially Elliot and Jed for taking care of us), as well as Schooner Exact for hosting the brew and Great Western Malting for donating the malt. Several breweries donated the hops (sorry, not sure who). Cheers.

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