Cooper’s 9th Annual IPA Festival starts Friday

This Friday, Coopers Alehouse on Lake City Way in Seattle kicks-off its 9th Annual IPA Festival. The event runs through April 29th and features more than 60 IPAs (listed below).

A new strategy this year, the beers will be tapped alphabetically. An exception to that rule, opening night will feature: Avery Maharaja and Dugana, Airways Sky Hag, and Black Raven Wisdom Seeker. Follow Cooper’s Alehouse on Twitter or Facebook for current info.

The list is subject to change,  but many of the most highly anticipated, “sexy” IPAs are already in the cooler. Beers like Pliny, Wisdom Seeker, Hoptimum, Maharaja, and more are ready to go. The complete list is below.

  1. Airways First Class IPA-Kent, WA-?%, 40 IBU’s-Hop forward, well bittered IPA…4.75
  2. Airways Sky Hag Imperial IPA-Kent, WA-7.8%, 99 IBU’s-Big dry-hopped, well-bittered IPA…5
  3. Anacortes IPA-Anacortes, WA-6.1%, 118 IBU’s-Columbus, Cascade, and Simcoe hops bitter this well balanced NW style IPA …4.75
  4. Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA-Boonville, CA-7%, 80 IBU’s-Better balanced than many IPA’s.  Big hop flavor and finish too…5
  5. Avery Dugana Double IPA-Boulder, CO-8.5%, 93 IBU’s-Big, piney, IPA with nice hop bitterness and solid malt backbone…5.75
  6. Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA-Boulder, CO-10.2%, 102 IBU’s-Huge Imperial IPA with big, forward hop flavors and a deep malt finish.  A BIG beer…6
  7. Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA-Healdsburg, CA-7%, 70+ IBU’s-Award winning American IPA.  Heavily hopped with a clean finish…5
  8. Big Al’s IPA-Seattle-7.3%, 80 IBU’s-Nugget, Cascade, and Fuggle hops give this beer a citrusy nose and finish…4.75
  9. Bridgeport IPA-Portland,OR-5.5%, 50 IBU’s-One of the first great NW IPA’s. Keg-conditioned.   Well hopped, but not overly so…4.75
  10. Bridgeport Hop Czar-Portland, OR-7.5%, 85 IBU’s-Solid malt background with big floral, citrusy hop aroma and finish…5
  11. Boulevard Single Wide IPA-Kansas City, MO-5.7%, 57 IBU’s- A well hopped, balanced NW style IPA from KC?  Hell yeah…4.5
  12. Boundary Bay CASK IPA-Bellingham, WA-Consistently rated one of the NW’s great IPA’s.  Traditionally pulled…5
  13. Boundary Bay IPA-Bellingham, WA-6.4%-Consistently rated one of the NW’s great IPA’s…4.75
  14. Black Raven Trickster IPA-Redmond, WA-7%, 70 IBU’s-Well balanced, yet fully hopped IPA.  Citrus, pine, and fruit aroma…5
  15. Black Raven Wisdom Seeker-Redmond, WA-9%, 90 IBU’s-NW style double IPA.  Huge hop flavor and aroma…6
  16. Deschutes Inversion IPA-Bend, OR-6.8%, 80IBU’s-Citrusy aroma and flavor with nice malt balance and clean hop finish…4.75
  17. Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental IPA-Bend, OR-9%, 95 IBU’s-Tons of Cascade and Centennial hops bitter this huge, dry hopped beer…5.5
  18. Double Mountain Hop Lava-Hood River, OR-7%, 70 IBU’s-Floral and citrusy with slightly more malt than some other NW IPA’s…5
  19. Diamond Knot IPA-Mukilteo, WA-6.2%, 40 IBU’s-Malt forward with intense, grapefruit-y hops throughout.  A classic NW IPA…4.75
  20. Dick’s IPA-Centralia, WA-5.5%-One of the more assertively hopped, yet lighter bodied, IPA’s in the NW…5
  21. Diamond Knot Industrial IPA-8.1%, 80 IBU’s-Twice the hops as their regular IPA with a grapefruit tinged hoppiness.  One of the NW’s 1st big IPA’s…5.25
  22. Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA-Milton, DE-9%, 90 IBU’s-30, 60, and here’s 90 minutes of sweet hop love…6
  23. Double Mountain Hop Lava (Cask)-Hood River, OR-7%, 70 IBU’s-Floral and citrusy with slightly more malt than some other NW IPA’s…5
  24. Eel River Earth Thirst-Scotia, CA-8.2%, ? IBU’s-100% Organic double IPA made in honor of Earth Day.  Huge hop mouthful…5.75
  25. Elysian “The Immortal” IPA(Double dry hopped)-Seattle-6.3%, 54 IBU’s-NW style IPA with pine and citrus notes and a clean malt finish…5
  26. Firestone Double Jack-Paso Robles, CA-9.5%, ? IBU’s-Big tangerine and grapefruit bitterness with a solid malt middle…6
  27. Fremont Interurban IPA-Seattle,WA-6.2%-A “session” IPA.  Organic Gambrinus malt with a strong hop character.  Clean and crisp…4.75
  28. Georgetown Lucille IPA-Seattle, WA-7.2%, 80 IBU’s-A big NW IPA.  Very citrusy hop flavor with light malting…4.75
  29. Glacier Brewhouse IPA-Anchorage, AK-6.3%, 51 IBU’s-Fruity, floral, and citrusy IPA from up north.  Very clean with a nice bitterness…4.75
  30. Great Divide Hercules Double IPA-Denver, CO-10%, 85 IBU’s-Huge hop front and finish with a nutty, malty sweetness…5.5
  31. Great Divide Titan IPA-Denver, CO-7.1%, 65 IBU’s-Aggressively hopped with pine and citrus notes.  Malty, sweet backbone…5
  32. Green Flash West Coast IPA-Petaluma, CA-7%, 95 IBU’s-Well hopped, citrusy, American IPA.  Flagship beer from an adventurous brewery…4.75
  33. Green Flash Imperial IPA-Petaluma, CA-9.4%, 101 IBU’s-“San Diego style IPA”.  Heavily hopped yet drinkable…5.5
  34. Hale’sSupergoose IPA-Seattle-7.1%-Big, hop forward double IPA.  Nice malt balance too…5
  35. Harmon Point Defiance IPA-Tacoma, WA-6%, 70 IBU’s-Bigger malt backbone than many NW IPA’s.  Solid hop flavor and nose…5
  36. Iron Horse IPA-Ellensburg, WA-6%, ? IBU’s-Approachable IPA with mild hop bitterness and a dry finish…5
  37. Lagunitas IPA-Petaluma, CA-6.2%, 46 IBU’s-Well hopped, citrusy, American IPA.  Flagship beer from an adventurous brewery…5
  38. Lagunitas Maximus Imperial IPA-Petaluma, CA-8.2, 72 IBU’s%-Big hop flavor but not overly bitter.  Well balanced double IPA…5.5
  39. Hopworks Organic IPA-Portland, WA-6.6%, 75 IBU’s-Three types of hops build the base for this solid NW style IPA…5
  40. Lompoc Centennial IPA-Portland, OR-6%, 64 IBU’s-Floral, NW style IPA with a well bittered finish…5
  41. Laurelwood Hop Monkey IPA-Portland, OR-6%, 60 IBU’s-Well balanced yet assertively hopped NW style IPA…5
  42. Lazy Boy IPA-Seattle-6.5%, 75 IBU’s-A well hopped Northwest style IPA with a solid malt backbone…4.75
  43. Laughing Dog Alpha Dog IPA-Ponderay, ID-8%, 127 IBU’s-A true hop bomb.  Big, piney hop flavor with a slight malt balance…5
  44. Laughing Dog Devil Dog Imperial IPA-Ponderay, ID-10%, 98 IBU’s-Triple dry hopped with a full malt body…5.75
  45. Laurelwood Workhorse IPA-7.5%, 80 IBU’s- Over the top hop flavor and aroma.  Helped along by dry-hopping in the fermenter…5
  46. Maritime Pacific Imperial IPA (Double dry hopped)-Seattle, WA-7.5%-Hoppy, crisp, and citrusy with a dry wheat malt character.  A “big” IPA…5
  47. Nectar IPA-Paso Robles, CA-6.7%, 60 IBU’s-Flowery hop aroma, malt middle, and aggressive hop finish…5
  48. New Belgium Ranger IPA-Fort Collins, CO-6.5%, 70 IBU’s-Well balanced, yet thoroughly hopped IPA.  Light, crisp, and refreshing…4.75
  49. NinkasiTricerahops-Eugene, OR-8.8%, 100 IBU’s-Big citrus and pine hop flavor with decent malt balance…5.5
  50. Ninkasi Total Domination IPA-Eugene, OR-6.7%, 65 IBU’s-Well balanced IPA with a strong grapefruit hoppiness…5
  51. Pike Double IPA-Seattle-8%, 80 IBU’s-Rich, malty take on the style.  Still huge hop profile…5
  52. Port Wipeout IPA-San Marcos, CA-7%, 78 IBU’s-A “San Diego-style” IPA.  Huge hop flavor…5
  53. Rogue XS Imperial IPA-Newport, OR-9.5%, 75 IBU’s-Big, floral, citrusy hop aroma and bitterness.  Solid, pale malt backbone…5.5
  54. Pliny the Elder-Santa Rosa, CA-8%, 100 IBU’s-World class Double IPA.  Big, full hop flavor with great malt balance…6
  55. Schooner Exact 3 Grid IPA-Seattle, WA-6.5%, 77 IBU’s-A slightly malt-ier version of a traditional NW IPA…4.75
  56. Sierra Nevada Hoptimum-Chico, CA-10.4%, 100 IBU’s-Huge, hop forward, high test IPA.  Made with Sierra’s own hop variety…6
  57. Southern Tier XIPA-Lakewood, NY-8.2%-Four hops and three malts flavor this citrusy double IPA from back east…5.25
  58. Snoqaulmie Wildcat IPA-Snoqualmie, WA-6.6%, 75 IBU’s-Solid malt base stands up to the intense hop bittering.  A solid NW IPA…5
  59. Silver City Indianola Pale Ale-Silverdale, WA-6.9%-Cascade and centennial hops in this medium bodied IPA…4.75
  60. Silver City Whoop Ass Double IPA-Silverdale, WA-9%-Big. hop forward (Cascade and Columbus), high test IPA…5.25
  61. Skagit River “The Gospel” IPA-Bellingham, WA-?%-Big piney, citrusy nose and flavor.  Lots of hops with a nice malt balance…5.25
  62. Stone Ruination-Escondido, CA-7.7%, 100+ IBU’s-“A liquid poem to the glory of the hop”.  A hop monster…6
  63. Two Beers Evolution IPA-Seattle, WA-7%, 70 IBU’s-Made for hopheads, a big NW style Imperial IPA…5
  64. Victory Hop Wallop IPA-Dowington, PA-8.5%-Victory’s homage to the hop harvest.  Whole hop flowers flavor this big beer…5



  1. no idea who wrote the descriptions but my guess on the numbers at the end are the prices for each beer.

  2. The information was provided by Kirbie at Cooper’s. I published exactly what he sent me. I think Bean is probably correct with regard to the numbers – that’s what I assumed as well.

  3. I was hoping to see something a bit different from WA breweries besides the standards.

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