Copper Coin Anniversary Celebration this Tuesday

When was the last time you got a burger and a craft beer for under $6? Never? Read on. The Copper Coin in West Seattle is about to celebrate its one-year anniversary with a special offer this Tuesday, October 15. Located on the north end of California Avenue, The Copper Coin is perhaps the least recognized of West Seattle’s great beer bars. That’s kind of a shame, but it is purely a function of location. As a West Seattle resident I am not going to complain about the embarrassment of riches we enjoy when it comes to great beer.

As a beer bar, The Cop Co (as we call it here in the neighborhood) might live in the shadow of a couple other West Seattle establishments which enjoy more notoriety, The Beer Junction and Beveridge Place Pub (both blog sponsors), but it has 20 thoughtful, rotating taps and great food. In most neighborhoods, it would be the standout. The Copper Coin even has its own, exclusive beer: The Coin Copper Ale, an amberish ale brewed by Two Beers Brewing (blog sponsor). In addition to the beer, they dish up some great food, focusing on fresh, local, sustainable ingredients.

To commemorate its first year, this Tuesday The Copper Coin has a special offer for you: a pint of beer and a burger for under $6. What? Yep, this Tuesday you can get a burger along with a Two Coins Double Copper Ale for just $5.22. Two Beers Brewing concocted a double version The Coin to commemorate the one-year anniversary: Two Coins Double Copper Ale. I should note that, along with your beer, you will be getting a seriously delicious hamburger. The food at The Copper Coin exceed expectations.

Here’s a picture of a statement on The Copper Coin’s menu.



Why did they pick $5.22 as the special price? We received a statement from the Copper Coin about the upcoming event that explains:

Four seasons and Seven menu designs ago we opened the doors of The Copper Coin to our friends and neighbors in West Seattle,” .  It’s been your standard first year for a restaurant.  That’s to say, it’s been exhilaratingly bonkers.  At the one year mark it’s a good time to take a moment to both celebrate and to remember why we come to work every day.  In fact, we’ve decided to combine the two.

Our menu states, our food is not grown, harvested, or cooked in a factory.  We work with farmers who say yes to grass and no to drugs, and with fishermen who believe in being sustainably wild, and within those words you’ll find our opinion on Initiative 522.

This Tuesday October 15th, in support of I-522 and in celebration of the support we’ve received from our neighborhood over the last year, we are running our Deluxe Burger paired with an exclusive 1 year anniversary “Two Coins” Double Copper Ale by Two Beers Brewery for $5.22.  Hopefully the $5.22 price for a burger and beer can serve as a thank you to our friends and as a catalyst for healthy conversation about an important topic for our community.