Copperworks Distilling is looking for a brewer. Yes, a brewer


Copperworks Distilling Company of Seattle is looking for a well-rounded individual to become an assistant distiller and help out a day or two in the tasting room. Why is this relevant to the people who read this beer blog? Because Jason Parker, the co-founder of Copperworks, says that he’s looking for someone with brewing experience. Job description and requirements below.

“We want this person to have brewing experience, rather than distilling experience,” says Parker. “Why a brewer and not a distiller? Because we distill a high-quality mash, made more like a beer than the “mash” most distilleries make. And, we want someone who understands the importance of working hard, keeping everything spotlessly clean, and being part of a team. Plus, we don’t want to have to un-train sloppy distilling behavior. We’d rather train how to distill than how to brew and CIP.”

Here the job info

Distiller, retail sales, and brand ambassador

Copperworks Distilling, located on the Seattle waterfront, is looking for an intelligent, motivated, and enthusiastic person to join our team. As a successful distillery in a growth phase, Copperworks can offer significant opportunities within the company to the right individual. Come grow with us!
If you believe you’re a great fit, please send a resume and brief cover letter to

Work @

In the cellar you will be primarily responsible for:
– Assisting with contract wash production at our various partner breweries
– CIP of fermenters, receivers, hoses, and fittings
– Fermentation management and recording
Assisting with bottling
– General cleaning and equipment maintenance (floors, forklift, ph meter, etc.)
– Barrel management and recording
In the stillhouse, you will assist with most aspects of production, including:
– Assisting with the distillation of spirits
– Charging stills to correct proof and volume
– Cleaning stills
– Logging distillation data during production
– Transfering, weighing, and proofing spirits
You will create a superlative customer experience by performing public and back-office duties, including:
– Tasting room opening and closing procedures
– Serving customers in the tasting room
– Preparing orders for shipment and assisting in managing shipping supplies
– Assisting in backroom inventory
– Representing Copperworks at various events both on-site and at off-site locations

Job Requirements: The ideal candidate is highly motivated, enthusiastic, and exhibits both a love for production and comfort in communicating with the public. Two years of cellar experience in a production distillery or brewery is preferred.

– MAST Certified or certification within 60 days of employment
– Working weekend days, holidays, and evenings will be required
– 21 years of age or older
– Valid driver’s license and can operate (or willing to learn to operate) a 26’ box truck
– Ability to operate forklift, material lift, and pallet jack (training and certification provided)
– Ability to lift at least 55 lb., move at least 180 lb., and work standing for several hours
– Ability to work safely around chemicals, heights, loud noises, and wet environments
– A strong interest in or passion for distilled spirits history, use, production, and science

Benefits: 401K (eligible to enroll after 12 months of employment) Salary dependent on experience


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