Correcting a Previous Story

The Washington Beer Blog always strives for accuracy and we are not too proud to admit our errors.  A reader recently contacted us and pointed out an error of omission in one of our stories. In our story about Kulshan Brewing, which we published on April 16th, we failed to completely explain how Kulshan Brewing ended up using the 7-barrel brewhouse that formerly belonged to Dick’s Brewing Company.

Because our omission might have led to some misunderstanding, the original story has been revised to include the following:

“Kulshan Brewing is using a 7-barrel brewhouse that once belonged to Dick’s Brewing. A few years ago, when Dick’s Brewing installed a new, larger system, Kenneth Reister bought the brewing equipment from Dick. The mash tun and brew kettle are currently on loan to Kulshan Brewing. Kenneth Reister plans to use the equipment when he opens his own brewery (Reisterbrau, in Olympia) in a couple of years. By the time that happens, Kulshan Brewing hopes to have its own 15-barrel brewhouse in place.”