Counterbalance Brewing Hosting a Doubleheader on Oct. 4th

Counterbalance Brewing invites you to join them for a Seattle Doubleheader on Sunday, October 4th.

In Seattle, we have a roof on our baseball stadium, which drastically reduces the chances of the Mariners playing a doubleheader. These days doubleheaders usually occur only because of a rained-out game. So in Seattle when we say “doubleheader” we’re talking about a day when two major sporting events happen back-to-back and across the street from each other. For instance, a Mariners game followed by a Sounders FC match.

The Counterbalance Doubleheader package includes a Mariners ticket (group seating), a special bonus when you purchase your ticket at the taproom, a custom t-shirt, and an invitation to join the Counterbalance crew post-baseball¬† for the Sounders match at O’Donnell’s Restaurant and Pub¬†(Smith Tower, 508 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98104). You can add a limited edition Counterbalance soccer scarf for $15. The Mariners play at 12:10 and Sounders kick off at 6:30.



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