The Deluxe Rolls Back Prices, Celebrates 50 Years of Burgers and Beers

The Deluxe Bar & Grill is about to celebrate its 50th Anniversary. In fact, the venerable Capitol Hill watering hole kicked off the celebration yesterday. There are a couple of upcoming events serving as prequels to the main event on August 15th. I know you youngsters roll your eyes when I start waxing nostalgic, so I won’t do that, but the Deluxe was one of Seattle’s original craft beer bars. They started pouring the good stuff back in the early 80s when most bars wanted nothing to do with craft beers (microbrews, as we used to call them).

Imagine a time when a typical, regular, non-special price for a craft beer was $3 per pint. Less during happy hour. Seems like only yesterday. Back in the 80s, if memory serves, pints were often even cheaper than that. To commemorate its 50th birthday, the Deluxe is rolling back prices to remind us all of the days when you got change back for a $5 bill. Now through August 15th, you can score a $3 pint of Redhook ESB, Hale’s American Pale Ale, or Widmere Hefeweizen. There was a time when that lineup was the best you could reasonable expect at pretty much any bar–a time when you’d be thrilled to find a bar with such a robust selection of microbrews. Nowadays, the Deluxe sports 20 rotating taps. Also, how does a $1.99 burger sound? Details below.

Here’s the press release:

DeLuxe Bar & Grill celebrates 50 years of great burgers, beer and friends

Its not often that a restaurant makes it to 50 years – and stays in the same family! Joe Rogel and partner Bernie Minsk bought the DeLuxe in 1963, but its history dates back to 1934, when the tavern at the corner of Broadway and Roy was known as Thomas McClanahan’s Beer Parlor. Barry Rogel (Joe’s son and current owner) and Joe are inviting all those with a connection to the DeLuxe to the party on August 15th to raise a glass to the venerable watering hole and to everyone who has kept it going all these years. Live music, great food, great beer, and great friends will make the night memorable!

The DeLuxe has always been a burger-and-a-beer kind of joint, so the special anniversary menu will feature the Old School Burger for $1.99. (Want cheese? That’ll be $2.19) Even though Chef Jeffrey Davidson has created an anniversary menu with lots of throwbacks (like a top sirloin steak with garlic mashed potatoes), the DeLuxe also prides itself on dishes like the Local Grind, a burger made with grass-fed beef from Corfini Gourmet, topped with melty Beecher’s cheese and caramelized onions.

The DeLuxe will also be honoring its longtime relationships with local breweries as part of the celebration – with $3 pints of Redhook ESB, Widmer Hefeweizen and Hale’s Pale Ale will be $3 for the whole month, with schooners of Rainier for $1.50. These brewers have been supplying the DeLuxe since the 1980s, when it was one of the first places to start carrying local microbrews.

Hales, Redhook and Widmer will all be stopping by with samples and free stuff from the breweries. Beer enthusiasts will want to mark their calendars for the July 16 to visit with Widmer, July 23 for Hale’s Ales and July 30 for Redhook. The DeLuxe is a great spot for beer lovers, with a really unique lineup of 20 rotating taps. The draft list includes local and European brews, as well as the DeLuxe’s custom ale, the Founders’ IPA from Two Beers Brewing Co.