Deschutes Brewery marking 30th Anniversary with collaborations and events


Over the past 30 years Deschutes Brewery has given beer lovers a lot more than beer. They’ve given us great brewers that created their own breweries. Next month Bend, Oregon’s beloved brewery celebrates its 30th anniversary with events and collaboration beers.

Several Deschutes alumni have gone on to open their own breweries, including beloved favorites like Ecliptic Brewing, Boneyard Brewing, Crux Fermentation Project, and Ale Apothecary; therefore, it seems fitting that Deschutes Brewery will celebrate its 30th anniversary by releasing a series of collaboration beers brewed with its graduates. Below, we list the collaboration projects along with information about each product and its availability.

Along with the release of these collaboration beers Deschutes Brewery will host a week of celebrations for the community starting Monday, June 25 at the downtown pub. The grand finale on Saturday, June 30th includes revelry on Mirror Pond (the park along the lazy section of river after which the Pale Ale was named) and includes a Deschutes Street Pub, which is basically a big pop-up pub and party.


Fresh Chair Northwest Pale Ale

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Crux Fermentation Project (draught only)

The first debut of the 30th collaborations includes former brewmasters Larry Sidor and Cam O’Connor of Crux Fermentation Project.  The beer is described as a perfect blend of award winning Fresh Squeezed IPA and Red Chair Northwest Pale Ale. The beer features Citra, Mosaic and Centennial hops that provide a bright and bold hop aroma to complement its drinkable malt body. All proceeds from this beer benefit the Deschutes River Conservancy, funding restoration of streamflow and improved water quality in the Deschutes River Basin through.

Beer Geek Information:  6.5% ABV  | 35 IBUs

When: March – June

Where: Available draught only in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California and Virginia.

Wolfgang’s Vintage Vienna (Lager)

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Boneyard Brewery (draught only)

This hoppy Vienna Lager is named after Wolfgang, the legendary dog of Tony Lawrence, owner of Boneyard Brewery. Wolfgang was often found relaxing on the brewdeck back in the days when Tony Lawrence brewed at Deschutes. Lawrence spent the day with Deschutes’ Assistant Brewmaster, Robin Johnson, at the Bend pub brewing this delightful hoppy Vienna Lager.

Beer Geek Information:  6% ABV  |  25 IBUs

When: June release

Where: Available draught only in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California and Virginia.

Oh Be Joyful (Pale Ale)

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Ecliptic Brewery (package and draught)

John Harris, Deschutes Brewery’s original brewmaster from 1988, teamed up with the current Deschutes team to brew a classic, Oh Be Joyful. Named after the “beer” that Civil War soldiers would make from whatever they could get to ferment, this is a modern, hoppy take on the original recipe Harris formulated back in the 90s. “Of all the beers I got to create in my time at Deschutes this was one of my favorites,” says Harris, who was often found singing “let’s all be joyful” around the pub back in the day. Harris worked with Assistant Brewmaster, Ryan Schmiege, to craft this easy drinking summer pale ale with tropical, fruity, and piney, resinous aromas.

Beer Geek Information:  6% ABV  |  40 IBUs

When: June release

Where: Available in 6-packs (bottles) and draught in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Virginia.

Black Pearl (Sweet Stout)

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Frank Appleton (draught only)

Frank Appleton joined Deschutes Brewery in 1988 as a brewing consultant, creating the original formulations of Deschutes favorites like Cascade Golden Ale, Bachelor Bitter and Black Butte Porter. In the early 1990’s Frank returned as a design consultant for Deschutes’ production facility. “My first feelings about Bend was how small and remote it was, and I wondered, ‘Where are they going to sell all this beer in this little Budweiser town?’ Well, Gary and the team sure showed me!  Bend was only the beginning!” Appleton worked with Robin Johnson, Deschutes’ assistant brewmaster at the Bend pub, to create the recipe for this pub exclusive smooth milk stout.

Beer Geek Information:  5.2% ABV  |  35 IBUs

When: Late June release

Where: Limited distribution in Oregon


30th Anniversary Collaboration with Bell’s Brewery (package and draught)

Tim Gossack was the head brewer at Deschutes Brewery in the early 90s during a time of major expansion. He remembers the days of hauling grain and loading kegs by hand. “I was lucky to have launched my brewing career at Deschutes Brewery, and it was there that I grew my love of beer and brewing,” said Gossack, who is now production manager at Bell’s Brewery. Schwarzbier is a recipe based off of Thunderhead Schwarzbier, a beer he brewed during his time at Rio Salado Brewing Company in Tempe, Arizona. Gossack worked with Deschutes Brewery’s Assistant Brewmaster, Ryan Schmiege, to create a beer that combines a chocolatey‐coffee export stout with the drinkability of a lager.

Beer Geek Information:  6% ABV | 30 IBUs

When: Fall 2018 release

Where: Available anywhere Deschutes is sold

Paul Arney (name TBD)

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Ale Apothecary (500ml bottles)

Staying true to Ale Apothecary’s value of hand-made Oregon beer, Paul Arney, Ale Apothecary’s founder and former assistant brewmaster at Deschutes, teamed up with Brewery’s Assistant Brewmaster Ryan Schmiege and used locally sourced apples from Cahoots Heirloom Apple Orchard Collaborative. Some trees from these orchards are over 100 years old.  This collaboration beer was spontaneously fermented and aged in oak. Paul’s laid-back nature and love of innovation was instrumental at the Bend pub during his time at Deschutes.

Beer Geek Information:  Target of 6% ABV |  IBUs TBD

When: Not yet determined

Where: Sold exclusively at Deschutes Brewery Public Houses in Bend and Portland and Ale Apothecary’s tasting room.

Mark Vickery name TBD (Golden Ale)

30th Anniversary Collaboration with Mark Vickery (500 ml or 750 ml bottles)

Mark Vickery was the second brewer at Deschutes Brewery. He spent early part of his time at Deschutes working in the pub’s brewhouse with John Harris. Vickery led brewing operations at Deschutes after John Harris’ departure and during the commissioning of the production facility on Simpson Avenue, where he helped ensure flavor matching of Deschutes’ core brands. “Working with the new generation, Ben Kehs and Veronica Vega [of Deschutes] has been fun,” says Vickery. “Thirty years and so many batches of beer good times. We were all young [back then] and had no worries.”

Well known for his high energy and positive nature, Vickery worked with Assistant Brewmaster, Ben Kehs to brew a golden ale that is aged in white wine barrels and will be bottle conditioned using the methode champenoise.

Beer Geek Information:  10% ABV  |  15 IBUs

When: Will be released when the beer is ready

Where: Limited availability sold exclusively at Deschutes Brewery Pubs and Tasting Rooms

Black Butte Porter Whiskey (30th Anniversary Edition)

30th Anniversary Black Butte Porter Whiskey (750ml bottles)

Crafted in collaboration with Bendistillery, this is a malt whiskey distilled from the wash of Deschutes’ most beloved beer, Black Butte Porter. It was aged for three years in new #4 char American oak barrels. Some of the whiskey was finished in port barrels, some in sherry barrels. It retains the malty, chocolatey notes of Black Butte Porter and gains woody, earthy flavors from the oak. This whisky is for sipping and is intended to be timeless in taste and appreciation.

Stats:  94 proof  |  47% ABV

When: June release (or when the whiskey says it’s ready)

Where: By the glass at Deschutes Brewery Public Houses in Bend and Portland