Deschutes Brewery now offering beer in cans


Can you imagine a world without cans? In 2010, when the most common style of packaging for good beer was the 22-ounce bottle, 7 Seas Brewing became the first of Washington’s independent breweries to offer its beers in aluminum cans. Everyone wondered if craft beer aficionados would ever learn to accept the idea of good beer in cans. Duh. I think that question answered itself. Hard to believe it has only been eight years.

And now this.

For the most part, I focus on news from Washington breweries, but this is significant enough that it warrants our attention. Deschutes Brewery is about to start offering its beer in 12-ounce aluminum cans. Expect to see cans of Fresh Squeezed IPA, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, and Pacific Wonderland Lager wherever Deschutes beers are sold. In other words, everywhere.

In particular, cans of Fresh Squeezed IPA are going to fly off the shelves like, well, whatever flies off of shelves.

Next up, Deschutes Brewery intends to offer Fresh Squeezed IPA in what they’re calling “19.2-ounce single-serve cans.” No word as to when, exactly, when we can expect to see those hummers start flying off of shelves.