Dexter Brewhouse closes and other changes at Mollusk Brewing


As of February 1st, Dexter Brewhouse in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood is closed. In a statement on Facebook, the company says it was a voluntary decision. Dexter Brewhouse was the home of Mollusk Brewing – the pub was located immediately next to the brewery. The closure does not impact the company’s other location, Magnuson Cafe and Brewery.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed serving you, your family and friends over the last three years,” the statement said. “We are forever thankful for the continuous support the South Lake Union community has shown us and we hope to see you all one last time.”

Over in the Sand Point neighborhood, near Magnuson Park, it’s business as usual at the Magnuson Cafe and Brewery. Well, not quite. Cody Morris, the brewmaster at Mollusk, is moving on to pursue a new project. Magnuson Cafe and Brewery has been serving Mollusk’s beers, but will soon start serving its own beers.

Cody Morris explains the situation: “Dexter closed its doors on Friday the 1st. Magnuson’s brewhouse went live a few weeks ago. Carey Dixon will be the brewmaster for Magnuson and I’m moving out of town to start a new brewery in Shelton, Washington.”

We’ll talk to Cody about his plans in a separate post.

According to Cody Morris, “From what I understand of Mollusk, we have a decent inventory of bottles that will continue to be sold via our distributor, and we will continue to bottle Cerveza Chukis for Taco Chukis. As I said, Carey Dixon is staying on so the quality of the beer will continue to be executed at the highest level.”

According to state records, the brewery in South Lake Union is licensed as Mollusk, while the brewery at Magnuson Park is licensed as Magnuson Brewery. In other words, the closing of one does not impact the other.

Photo from Facebook.
Photo from Facebook.

Magnuson Cafe and Brewery is located near the shores of Lake Washington at Magnuson Park, in a historic building from the Naval Air Station. The large deck out front is dog-friendly, which is a bonus for those visiting after a trip to the nearby off-leash area. The cafe serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner along with their own beers.