Diamond Knot Brewing Closing its Flagship Location (temporarily)

Remain calm. All is well. The closure is only temporary.

We think of it as a beer destination, but each year more than four million people think of it as the home of the Mukilteo ferry terminal. Travelers and commuters pull up to the waiting lines in their cars—tired, hungry, thirsty and bored. They wander back and forth on Front Street in search of quick relief. They gaze longingly, many of them with kids in tow, at the Diamond Knot Brewery & Alehouse – Diamond Knot Brewing Company’s flagship location on Mukilteo’s waterfront.

It saddens many of these tourists and commuters to know that they do not have time to go into the pub, take a seat at the bar, and enjoy a beer or a meal. Diamond Knot Brewing now plans to offer them an option.


Yesterday Diamond Knot Brewing announced that it is closing its flagship pub to accommodate an expansion project. The closure is temporary and is scheduled to begin on January 7. It will last through February. Construction has already begun on the adjacent lot. Diamond Knot’s other locations will not be impacted.

“We have to disturb several walls adjacent to the Alehouse to enlarge our kitchen, which is forcing us to have to temporarily close the Alehouse,” said Diamond Knot President Bob Maphet. “We weren’t looking forward to this phase, although we are all excited about finishing this project which has been in the planning for several months.”

“We have very loyal customers and employees we highly respect and care about,” Maphet said. “This is our family. Disrupting service at the Alehouse is the last thing we want to do, but it will be 100 percent better when we reopen. We are trying to keep the time of disruption as short as possible. In the meantime, we’ve maintained health care benefits for our full-time employees and made sure unemployment benefits were available immediately.”

Andy Eason, V.P. of Retail Operations for Diamond Knot Brewing, notes that the disruption may be unfortunate but it also creates new jobs. “If there was a way to pour beer at the Alehouse sooner, we would,” said Eason. “Until then our Taproom will be open daily from 3 p.m. and the Pizza House will staff up during this time and hours will be extended as needed. We will also be increasing our staff considerably when we reopen, so we will begin the hiring process in February.”

There will be little change to the existing pub. The kitchen is being expanded and there will be a new family-friendly seating area along with coffee and ice cream service.

“We know our customers don’t want the Alehouse to change from its current state,” Eason said. “We don’t want it to change either. We are doing our best to minimally impact that side of the building.”

The closure of Woody’s Market in late 2011 created a void. When Diamond Knot’s longtime neighbor closed its doors, locals and tourists alike lost something: a place grab a quick bite to eat or a cup of coffee. The funky little shop was a fixture on the waterfront. Along with shot glasses, post cards, and other trinkets, the market sold a lot of breakfast sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream and coffee to residents and travelers alike. In that sense, Diamond Knot’s expansion meets a community need.

You can follow along. Diamond Knot plans to post pictures and updates on the Diamond Knot Facebook page.

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