Diamond Knot is Poised to Release the Poop Deck Pale

News today of a new brew from Diamond Knot Brewing.  The brewery releases Poop Deck Pale Ale on Tuesday, October 15th at the Brewery & Alehouse in Mukilteo. They encourage you to make all the puns you like. Let me get it started with the obvious: this beer tastes like poop.

Here’s the word from Diamond Knot Brewing:

Poop Deck Pale Ale

Our newest adventure on the high seas …

We know what you’re thinking. Go ahead and make all the punny jokes you want. We have. Of course that was after everyone was informed that the Poop Deck is simply a deck above the Captain’s Quarters in the aft of a ship.

Don’t judge this beer by its name. It’s our brand-new Pale Ale release, a first from Diamond Knot! Your basic Pale recipe consisting of 2-row pale malt, Cara-pils® Malt, Crystal malt and just a touch of flaked barley for some body. Galena hops provide the body of the bitterness and super-alpha Apollo hops in the finish and dry-hop add a bright, citrusy hop flavor and aroma that’ll keep you coming back for more. O.G. 12° Plato; 23 IBUs; 5.3% ABV.

The first pints of Poop Deck Pale Ale will flow at the Brewery & Alehouse, Tuesday, Oct. 15, at 6:30pm, just before we raise our glasses in celebration of Diamond Knot’s 19th anniversary. Please join us for this momentous occasion.


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