Din Tai Fung, Chuckanut, and other things that are f****ing fun to say


The word onomatopoeia is perfect. It is defined as a word formed to resemble, imitate or suggest the sound it describes. Thwack, boom, pop, and swoosh are a few examples of onomatopoeia. In itself, the word sounds oddly descriptive and is fun to say, which is why I think onomatopoeia is a perfect word. Curiously, onomatopoeia is itself a kind of onomatopoeia.

Language is most useful when it is fun and descriptive. That’s why swear words work so well, especially the “F” word, which is perhaps the most useful word in the entire English language. The greatest, most versatile, and oft-used curse word (a single word that is a verb, noun, adjective and pronoun), the “F” word carries such great impact in large part because of how it sounds: forceful, curt, compact and intense. Say it aloud and think about how it sounds compared to other words that mean the same thing. “The situation in Syria is so messed up,” for example. Replace that one word with the “F” word and voila, you get impact and deeper meaning.

So what does this have to do with beer and why am I talking about inappropriate language so close to holiest of holidays? Well, because Chuckanut Brewery has released a beloved seasonal beer, Chuckanut Dunkel. The beer that I have affectionately nicknamed Chuckadunk is perhaps my favorite beer from Bellingham’s esteemed brewery. Chuckanut Dunkel, or Chuckadunk, is fun to say, especially since it is such a tasty beer.

On top of that, I just learned that Chuckanut Brewery is now producing a beer, an Asian-style lager, for Din Tai Fung restaurants. Din Tai Fung is an other oddly fun thing to say. If you could get a pint of Chuckadunk at Din Tai Fung that’d be fucking fantastic! Still, I have no doubt that their Asian Lager is really great. That last statement would have been better said with the “F” word, yes?

Anyway, here’s a bunch of beer release information straight from Chuckanut Brewery. They’ve been busy!

Happy Holidays, hope you all enjoy this festive season and have a beer in hand for a toast to all the love that abounds this holiday season. And a great beer like Chuckanut makes it even better to celebrate. So to give you an update on what Chuckanut beers are available this December see below!

Lucky for all of us the Schwarzbier will be out in December. This medium body, black lager has bitter chocolate, slight toffee flavors with a smooth finish. The round, clean finish is crisp with a lingering espresso like aftertaste. Limited amounts available starting next week.

The Oat Lager is a new Chuckanut Beer. Blonde with a mild body and soft bitterness from the use of Hallertau Tradition hops this light lager has a slight fruity finish from the use of Arian hops. Full on flavor and body, this is not your typical light lager. Available in limited amounts now.

Baltic Porter will be released late in December. This is part of the Big Bier Series with an 8.2% ABV and 35 IBUs. It’s a very smooth, high alcohol lager with lots of roast malt & dark sugar flavors. Fruity, full bodied with hints of chocolate, port like flavors, coffee and raisins the Baltic Porter has been aged over three months! Only at selected accounts throughout the Sound and available in bottles at both Chuckanut locations and the Bellingham Downtown Co-Op.

Our seasonal Lager is the Dunkel, it’s won so many GABF and World Beer Cup Golds and Silvers it’s almost embarrassing! Totally true to the Dunkel Lager style it’s a classic malty, deep mahogany colored Munchener lager with balanced smooth toffee & chocolate notes! Available into February.

New World German Hop Ale is the seasonal ale for December. If you haven’t tried this new world ale you might want to get some. Copper colored, somewhat fruity but uses new varietal German hops that are bitter and fragrant, this is an easy drinking ale.

Our new Asian Style Lager made mostly for Din Tai Fung Restaurants but also available for other selected accounts is straw colored and uses rice flakes to give it its lightness in body. This lager is dry and nicely balanced with a touch of noble hop bitterness. Available at Din Tai Fung Restaurants and possibly at very selected accounts around the Sound.

We still have Fest Beer available so if you are celebrating Festivus this is the beer for you! We’ve discounted 1/2 bbl kegs so ask to see what the current pricing is for a real deal for the holidays. It’s great for parties because everyone loves it. Golden and deeper in flavor than most lighter colored beer it’s a great drinking beer.

You may be able to find some of our Rauch Marzen Lager available and the Rye Lager. These are special lagers that are only available in very limited quantities. Always balanced but with stronger flavors due to the smoked malts for the Rauch and Rye malts for the Rye lager, they are a special unusual treat for the educated beer drinker.

The first of the Big Bier Series is Bock and there are a few accounts serving up this very rich lager. More dried fruit flavors and toffee on this big bier. Like the Baltic it’s been aged over 3 months and only gets better as it sits. We usually save a keg until the spring or later in the year and tap it then, it becomes smoother with age! Both Chuckanut locations carry it in bottles and you might be able to find it at the Bellingham Co-Op.

And of course there is always our year round beers Pilsner, Kolsch, Vienna Lager and the Alt Bier. We’ve got you covered for great drinking beers. Chuckanut Brewery wishes everyone a fun, safe holiday season! Cheers to all!