Dirty Buckets, Bluebirds and Brickyards – 3 New Seattle Area Breweries

Today I want to tell you about three pending breweries in the Seattle area that have recently been approved by the state. We expect to see beer from them soon. I watch a lot of these kinds of approvals fail to materialize into breweries; nevertheless, I have it on good authority that these breweries will actually come to fruition.

Typically, about 70 percent of these approvals fail to spawn a brewery. State approval is the easy part. Most often, those who fall by the wayside failed to recognize how much more challenging it is to get approval from the federal TTB (the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) Challenging? Wow, that’s being nice. Anyway, like I said, the breweries I mention below seem to have successfully navigated through all of the obstacles. I invite anyone involved with any of these ventures to share more information. Chime in and leave a comment below or send me an email.

Bluebird Brewing will be the beer-making arm of Bluebird Microcreamery. You might recognize Bluebird as the local purveyor of extremely delicious ice cream with a shop located right next to Elysian Brewing’s Capitol Hill brewpub. Bluebird has two other Seattle locations: one in Fremont and the other in PhinneyWood (7400 Greenwood Ave N). A little bird landed on my shoulder recently and told me that Bluebird is currently brewing test batches and otherwise putting the brewery through its paces at the PhinneyWood location. They have now been approved by the state so we hope to hear some really good news from Bluebird soon. Handcrafted ice cream and handcrafted beer. Cheers to that.

Bluebird on the web

Bluebird on Facebook

Brickyard Brewing and Dirty Bucket Brewery both stand poised to open in Woodinville: they both report being very close to selling you beer. Actually, Dirty Bucket Brewery already announced an opening date for its tasting room: April 14th.

Brickyard Brewing on Facebook

Dirty Bucket Brewery on the web

Dirty Bucket Brewery on Facebook

Here’s a note from Steve Acord, one of the founders of Dirty Bucket Brewery:

Our dream was to create a place where people can come enjoy a hand crafted beer, and be able to watch the process completely as the next hand crafted creation is being brewed. We are starting small and dreaming of bigger days to come as we light the flame on our 1/2 barrel brewing system. Each batch is hands on craft at its best, we take care and pay close attention detail in every pint we sell. With a current tap list of Filthy Hoppn’ IPA, XXX-Tra Filthy IPA, Dirty Amber, Dirty Blonde, and Black Lab American Stout, we try to provide a variety for everyone’s pallet. We enjoy the small brewing system, it allows us to create more different styles frequently keeping people coming back and trying something new. My brother and I pay homage to our “Home Brewing” roots with our name. Dirty Bucket Brewery is more than a name for our company it is a piece of our history and where we came from in the brewing community. Our favorite quote from Sam Calagione, CEO and Founder of Dogfish Head Brewery is now painted on our brewery wall “Starting Small and Dreaming Big”. It reminds us daily of where we were and where we are going.

In the picture below, the Dirty Bucket crew is standing around a Sabco Brew-Magic system. This is the same kind of system that Sam Calagione used to start Dogfish Head Brewery.

Dirty Bucket's brew crew. Left to right: Sharon Wagner-Acord, Steve Acord and Chris Acord.


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  1. I knew about Dirty Bucket, thanks for the heads up on Brickyard and Bluebird! That’ll make for some tasty beer floats in the Summer 🙂

  2. Thanks for the plug and the Dirty Bucket has passed state and TTB. The beer is flowing here. Our grand opening for our tasting room is April 14th. We are a nano-brewery and plan to have 100+ gallons of our beer ready to pour on that day. We wanted to build a place you can come in and have a pint, fill a growler or enjoy a sample flight of what were offering. Look forward to seeing you there!

  3. Good news. This, from a local brewer who is in the process right now of opening a brewery:

    “The TTB recently switched to an online process, and I gather that is greatly expediting things. They still say 95 days but reports are that a lot of folks are getting it around 50 days now. Also, there is a huge element of ‘Do It Right The First Time’, each change can add weeks. Took me about a month to get everything together properly. We’d planned on up to 110 days, but were thrilled to get it so fast.”

  4. Grand Opening is on April 14, 2012 from 11:00am-9:00pm or when we run out of beer.
    We are located at:
    Dirty Bucket Brewing Co
    19151 144th Ave NE
    Woodinville, WA 98072

    We will also have tshirts and glassware available.
    $4.50 Pints and $4.50 Flights.

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