Do other NFL teams inspire beer like the Seahawks?

I’m just curious. Do other NFL franchises attract so much attention from breweries? Is craft beer such an integral part of the NFL experience in other cities? The Seattle Seahawks have inspired at least seven beers brewed in their honor.

Cynics assert that these beers represent less homage to the Seahawks’ greatness and more of a thinly veiled effort to capitalize on the team’s recent success, but that’s beside the point. Really, what is the difference? In all honesty, I have no idea if any craft breweries produce a Dallas Cowboys beer or a Pittsburgh Steelers beer. Is there a Cheese Head Lager, cleverly packaged in a green and gold can?

elysian-of-boom-ipa-bannerInstead of getting recognition for inspiring breweries, the Seahawks recently attracted national attention for serving watered-down beer. Well, not exactly the Seahawks, but Century Link Field endured the slings and arrows of a misguided reporter who, for some bizarre reason, decided to do a sloppy job of pursuing a non-story. Of course, because of the incendiary nature of the headline, the national press quickly perpetuated the story. It was just too ire inspiring to resist.

The report was almost instantly picked apart, discredited, and appropriately flushed down the loo with the rest of yesterday’s news, but it was already out there. Today, when you search the Internet using the search terms Seahawks and beer, guess what Google returns? You guessed it. A list of stories about the Seahawks selling watered down beer. That reporter should be ashamed of his haphazard work.

The Seahawks not only incite people to drink craft beer, but the Seahawks inspire people to brew it. That is what you should learn when you ask Google about Seahawks and beer.

12th_canHere’s my quick list of Seahawks-inspired beers – some still available, others not. Do you know of others? Also, any other NFL inspired brews?

Hilliard’s Beer – 12th Can Pale Ale

Dick’s Brewing – 12 Man Pale Ale

Pelican Brewing – Seahops Pale Ale

Redhook Brewing – False Start Session IPA

Elysian Brewing – Elysian of Boom IPA

Foggy Noggin Brewing – Cease and Desist IPA (previously 12th Man IPA)

Spinnaker Bay Brewing – Yeast Mode

The tap handle for False Start Session IPA, by Redhook.
The tap handle for False Start Session IPA, by Redhook.

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  1. Epic Ales did one called Indestructible Predatory Avians Ale. The label read:

    Os-prey noun: a large bird that eats fish (or horses). Seattle’s osprey themed sports team won a very big game and we wanted to celebrate that victory without stepping on anyone’s intellectual property. To kinda rugby! Cheers! Please enjoy this IPA fresh.

  2. The Steelers and Iron City Beer are so closely tied, I can’t actually remember one without the other. Beer Junction (thanks Morgan!) actually stocks it back in the (special) corner cooler. It must, however, be experienced in the right context – nearly frozen, wrapped in your frostbitten mitt outside the stadium in the ‘Burgh, with sizzling kielbasa wafting through the air.

    Otherwise, its a shockingly poor beer.

    (BTW, I’ve got a little history with Pittsburgh beer. You should look it up… )

  3. port townsend brewing does a Beast Mode Imperial IPA and as well as a 43-8 Imperial IPA. they have also done a Browner’s Brown Ale (ex cornerback)

  4. o yea, and port townsend brewing also did a C Hawk Imperial IPA with hops beginning with the letter C.

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